My Clients…

Are hungry for an edge. 

I help busy leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and business/sales people achieve next level results (i.e. make more money, feel good) faster while spending less time, frustration, and money on other services/courses/programs that don’t produce the results you desire.

Start, Grow, or Pivot Your Business.

And as you know- Life & Business goes hand in hand.

An ordinary life & business coach helps you manage time…

I help you collapse time…

Working together in the 3D and beyond is my jam.



I Don't Put People in a Box
And I am Not for Everyone

People often have more than one thing they need help on—most may not realize this.

And boxes don’t work… 

Patterns will emerge, as we work together, to crack through those blocks.

Therefore, I have learned that it’s important to find the right coach/mentor. 

I have learned that I am gifted in seeing patterns.

So, I mostly work with top performers who desire that level of success.

My signature Beyond Basic program “Energetic Alchemy” is based on action-oriented strategy, tips, tools, along with energy work (Ahai 7D Energy and Human Design) and some magic!

 This is your invitation—are you ready?

Are you tired of feeling like everything you have tried doesn’t work? You’ve spent time, money, energy. You may even feel burnt out or defeated?

I can help you with developing a strategy unique to you and how you are designed. The ideas we discuss and strategize will help you achieve success without being exasperated, stressed out or burnt out. A plan that works for you and your life. Human Design and Ahai 7D Energy will also be incredible tools to encompass.

Not sure what direction to take in your life or business?

I even see this with groups and business that are not growing. Energetics is a huge part— recognizing patterns and cutting chords.

Individually, this is a very common challenge for people at any stage in their life.  

You may be saying, “What’s next?”

We will do a deep dive into understanding where you are, your group or business, and then what you want and where you want to go. Desire and vision.

Then we will develop a plan to get there.

Sick of seeing others online, at your favorite restaurant, or the gym and wondering why not you? How are they making the money and living the life you desire? What secret sauce are you missing? How can you manifest what you desire too too?

I can help you with this very common challenge on many levels. Not only an action plan to catapult your business but also some confidence and mindset work may be on the list too. Using Ahai 7d Energy for clearing and amplifying then being able to move forward, feeling confident, and successful— mentally and on paper— is the best form of peace.

Are you someone who doesn’t really have “pain” per se…you just want to fucking crush it and are looking for someone who gets that and can help you?

Are you looking for that extreme coach/mentor that will deliver new ideas and tips along with energy work to ignite your vision?

This is my passion all day long. Everything I learn and do, I will share.

It is Beyond Basic!

For very serious, ready to go people only and only in the 1:1 Mentorship Offers—not single hour sessions, readings, or Beyond Basic Business Audit.

Gateways. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love gateways. And I have a lot of experience with gateways. Heck my bestselling book Life & Love Lessons- How to Discover Confidence Through Your Spiritual Journey is all about my gateway experiences.

But what do you do after your DNA has been changed? Things start coming through? You start to heal? And do you even realize what’s going on? Who do you talk to that gets it?

Let me back up, what is a gateway? A gateway is what I am referring to (my own term) as a modality that often can be a “one and done” for a lot of people:

  • Sound Bowls and Sound Sessions
  • EFT
  • Breathe Work and Mindfulness Sessions
  • Reiki and other energy work (even machines)
  • Cold Plunge/ Sweat Lodge
  • Plant Medicine
  • Kundalini/Tantra/Dance
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Readings: Tarot, Astrology, Human Design, Mediums, Psychics etc.


Working with me takes you to the next level. In addition, I can help you further with your gifts or education on what is going on. Truth is many modality teachers don’t have the knowledge to help you move forward or clear up any confusion. Further, there is a lot of info online that is half-based and again—confusing, overwhelming, frustrating. These emotions can keep you stuck, slow mode or quit.

And if you are coach, how do you find your voice and next level your business? Many of you are stuck in a “hobby mode” and I see this.

I can help you help more people by opening your gifts further and helping you on the business side.

I see people for who they are, where they are and

help them get to where they wish to go. 

—Melinda Van Fleet

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The “New Codes” Collective

THE Quantum Community to Help You Manifest

Your Best Life & Business.

Are you a spiritual person and asking any of these questions?

—What are these “new frequency codes” that seem to be a trend?  

—How can I activate them and increase abundance, flow, ease, peace, joy, better health, etc. into my life and or business?  

—How can they really “work?” Manifest faster?

If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself AND you want to crush this year and beyond— this monthly mastermind will be for you!  

No more excuses! Take this time to be intentional with your goals and dreams and make it happen! 

I am an Intituitive Energy Business & Leadership Mentor

And I love what I do!

Back in the day, Circa 2006, when I met my husband Ryan we lived in Minneapolis, MN and were both in the corporate world…

I quickly saw he suffered from anxiety and depression. He hated his job and had a lot of things from his past that would bubble up.

 These were the days before YouTube and other social media content that openly shared about The Universe, Manifestation, The Law of Attraction, the Quantum, and other things we now have more public information about.

So, how did I help him? 

I intuitively had the idea to lay on the bed and listen to ocean sounds on the sound machine. During these regular sessions, I would visualize us living somewhere where is never snowed, green grass all year round, two Shih-Tzus, he could go fishing, maybe be a captain…

And then it happened…

Working with a mentor that has vast experience helps you faster!

Here are some challenges I help people and their team with: 


  • “Gateways”—Next Level Your Spiritual Growth and/or Business (see drop down area)
  • Sales— Strategy/Planning, Social Media, Confidence, Visibility, Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship— Starting Over, Couples in Business, Getting Unstuck, Next Level Success
  • Mindset/Spiritual Growth— Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Intuition, Energy, Higher-Self Connection
  • Wellness— Health, Weight, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Overwhelm, Stress, Sleep
  • Business Building—Visibility, Writing, Speaking, Podcasting, Blogging, Website, Social Media
  • Masculine and Feminine Energy- especially for single women.
  • Brain Rewiring and Overthinking

The Success Codes Podcast

The Success Codes Podcast is for next level leaders, business people, entrepreneurs, and coaches who don’t have time for fluff, but crave codes to help them ascend faster so they can achieve more abundance and success!

This is a weekly podcast that delivers powerful information that will catapult results in your life and business. Intuition, wealth, money, spirituality, quantum, collapsing time, manifestation, The Law of Attraction, Ahai 7D Energy, and Human Design.

Tips, tools along with real stories!

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