Are you…

looking to grow your business 

and you know what’s possible? 

I help entrepreneurs, coaches, and business/sales people grow their business faster while spending less time, frustration, and money on other services/courses/programs that don’t produce the results they desire. 

We stop the “spaghetti on the wall” activity.

From Stuck to Success.

I see those patterns and help you move the needle.

An ordinary life & business coach helps you manage time…

I also help you collapse time…


Working with a mentor that has vast experience helps you faster.

Here are some of the “micro-topics” and challenges I help with: 


  • Sales— Strategy/Planning, Social Media, Confidence, Visibility, Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship— Starting Over, Couples in Business, Getting Unstuck, Next Level Success
  • Mindset/Spiritual Growth— Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Intuition, Energy, Higher-Self Connection, Human Design
  • Wellness— Health, Weight, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Overwhelm, Stress, Sleep
  • Business Building—Visibility, Writing, Speaking, Podcasting, Blogging, Website, Social Media
  • Masculine and Feminine Energy- especially for single women.
  • Brain Rewiring and Overthinking

Shifting the Paradigm

Are you tired of feeling like everything you have tried doesn’t work? You’ve spent time, money, energy. You may even feel burnt out or defeated? Maybe even saying you are in “The Void?”

I can help you with developing a strategy unique to you and how you are designed. The ideas we discuss and strategize will help you achieve success without being exasperated, stressed out or burnt out. A plan that works for you and your life. 

Not sure what direction to take in your life or business?

I even see this with groups and businesses that are not growing. 

Individually, this is a very common challenge for people at any stage in their life.  

You may be saying, “What’s next?”

We will do a deep dive into understanding where you are, your group or business, and then what you want and where you want to go. Desire and vision.

Then we will develop a plan to get there.

Are you someone who doesn’t really have “pain” per se…you just want to crush it and are looking for someone who gets that and can help you?

Are you looking for that extreme coach/mentor that will deliver new ideas and tips along with energy work to ignite your vision?

This is my passion all day long. 

For very serious, ready to go people only and only in the 1:1 Mentorship Offers.

People often have more than one thing they need help on—most may not realize this.

And typical coaching “boxes” don’t work… 

Patterns and blocks will emerge, as we work together.

Believe, Take Action, and Trust 

are key words we will embody and use to create 

Goal Focused Growth Strategies 

to specifically help you.

 This is your invitation—are you ready?

What Clients Have to Say About Their Experience

Do you use your intuition?

I do! And I have evidence that using your intuition, and taking action, creates results.

Back in the day, Circa 2006, when I met my husband Ryan we lived in Minneapolis, MN and were both in the corporate world…

I quickly saw he suffered from anxiety and depression. He was beyond miserable, hated his job, and had a lot of things from his past that would bubble up.

 These were the days before YouTube and other social media content that openly shared about The Universe, Manifestation, The Law of Attraction, the Quantum, and other things we now have more public information about.

So, how did I help him? 

I intuitively had the idea to lay on the bed and listen to ocean sounds on the sound machine. During these regular sessions, I would visualize us living somewhere where is never snowed, green grass all year round, two Shih-Tzus, he could go fishing, and be a captain…

And then it happened…

—Manifest Your Dreams—

THE Quantum Online Monthly Community for How to Manifest Your Best Life & Business

This is for people who wish to develop their spiritual gifts (such as intuition and energetics) and use them in their life and business so they can achieve results faster without overwhelm. 

The Wake-Up Call Podcast

Have you ever had that nudge that something wasn’t right?

  • That gut feeling?
  • A voice in your head that pops up from time to time?
  • Maybe crippling painstaking anxiety that just won’t stop?


Truth be told, that feeling, or voice may be trying to help you out of a horrible situation such as a toxic relationship, passive aggressive work environment, FOMO manipulative marketing tactics, or even a cult.

We are also going to be covering stories about AI, The Matrix, and other stories you just need a wake call in terms of what’s reality.

This is The Wake-Up Call Podcast.


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Are you wondering why something isn't landing?
Which is resulting in a lack of momentum?
Take a listen to this week's Wake Up Call Podcast and see if this is a mistake you are making in your business. 😮
I keep it real, as always, no fluff examples to help you have an Aha Moment, so you can shift and move forward quickly.
Working with me 1:1 is the same. 🔥
Enjoy the episode! 🥰
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Please stop, I love you, but stop...
Growth does not happen:
🌱 Organically
🌱 Overnight 
🌱 Magically
And I love magic! ✨️
But I am grounded and know you have to:
💥 Putting in the reps
💥 Have a strategy
💥 Work on messaging
💥 Work on mindset, limiting beliefs, energetics
To name a few...
And these things take time and tweaks along the way.
When you get these things in place, that's when the magic happens. 
Having 1:1 support along the way makes it all go faster.
Message me for 1:1 if you are ready to go faster. 🚀
Having my own Aha moment today as I am working on courses for Good Karma Sportfishing and Coaching... 
And that is... 
My podcasts are like a course. 🔥
This week's podcast is on audience and something no one talks about. 
I have lived the pain as a speaker and openly share not just one, but two stories in this episode. 😮
If you are stuck, this could be a reason why. 
And this podcast will help you 👀 see it, so you can grow your audience and achieve success!
Wake-Up Call Podcast Episode 6- YOU Have the Wrong...STOP Making This Mistake in Building Your Business. 
Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and  
 Let me know what you think. 💥
Old pic...but such a classic! 🔥🔥🔥  
People assume I love to fish.  
Makes me laugh, as I don't really love the fishing aspect...  
What do I love?  
❤️ Seeing my husband happy (married over 17 years)  
❤️ Continuing to build our business together (over 12 years)  
❤️ Hanging out together, and it could be anywhere!  
And then...  
❤️ Helping my clients with any or all of those aspects.  
Message me for 1:1 if you are ready to love aspects of your life, relationships, and business more too!. 💛
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