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What Are You Waiting For?

We all need sales! But so many of you are stuck…

What I see out there is maybe you…

  • Are in denial that you need help.
  • Have hired coaches that didn’t listen, don’t share strategy, are in the old paradigm, or you have taken courses that were elusive or flat out didn’t work. Wasting precious time, money, and energy.
  • Are desperately desire to change and need direction.
  • Are not taking action in your business and your life.
  • Have sad or tired energy in person or online.

Here’s the thing… I’ve done the work and developed my own processes to move beyond the basics and work with business women who desire to be successful on and off line.

Let’s Strategize How to Increase Your Sales and Go From Stuck to Success!

Let’s Get Started Now!

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Who Am I? And How Can I Help You?

I’ve been referred to as positive, high-energy, and also someone who takes puts together a strategy and takes action. 

I use my vast business skills, and life skills combined with intuition and Human Design to get fast, tangible results.

Why do I coach, speak, and write? Because I have worked through so much (I am a 3/5 Profile), it’s my calling to put it to use.


I realized, years ago, it’s my design to use those lessons to help other women achieve their goals and dreams faster.

I help women own their power, step into their true selves, and rock this world!

I am beyond excited to hear from you!

Confidence Building

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Think about it…what is holding you back? Or maybe you don’t know…

It’s okay if you are either of the above…but, let’s change that fast!

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Crush It In Sales Podcast

2022 is coming up fast! If you are an entrepreneur, you likely desire to grow your business, or maybe, you are starting your business.

But, we all have something in common—we need sales! Hence, why I am bringing back the Crush It In Sales Podcast.

This podcast shares tips, tools, strategies, and stories to help you make sales and feel good in the process.

Mindset AND Tactical.

Let’s get ready crush it!

Ep 113: TRUTHS! Hits and Misses of 2021! Reflecting

Let’s face it- we all have hits AND misses in our lives and business.

Things we did or bought that we scratched our heads in hindsight and wish we could have a do-over.

This year marketing was a big one for me. I openly share those hindsights, not only to share what lessons I took away and how it made me stronger, but also so you know you are not alone with yours misses. How have they helped you grow?

Link to the Beyond Basic Private FB Group I mention is:


Link to 6 Week BB Sales Strategy & Success Program I mention is:


Thank you for listening and sharing!

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Ep 112: Imposter Syndrome? Overused or Accurate?

Releasing this now as I share more about the upcoming 6 Week Group Program—Beyond Basic Sales Strategy & Success, which I am super excited about! Kicks off 11/30/21.

In this podcast, I share experiences and thoughts about being in the energy and what lights you up from a more tactical “doing” experience.

In this weeks Good Karma Success Coach Podcast, I share more from a mindset perspective.

So, definitely listen to both as it’s two different points of view that you can blend together.

Please share!

Thank you for listening!

Ep 111: Sales Energetics and WELCOME BACK!!!

Welcome Back— Crush It In Sales Podcast!!

It’s been a minute and this podcast episode shares the journey back to home. I talk about Human Design, energetics, letting go, and feeling good with decisions- sales, life, business.

Thank you for listening!

Ep 110: New Wisdom App, Energy, and Social Media

Moved fast on this podcast- so you have your seatbelt on!

Sharing about:

The new Wisdom app vs. Clubhouse
Social Media and energy
Walking the walk on social media and coaching

Thanks for listening!

Ep 109: Calling All Writers! UPDATES, Tips, and Announcement

I am covering a lot of bases in this podcast!

Why write?
Update on Medium and my new program!
My thoughts on coaching and what’s happening out there.

Links I mention:




Thank you for listening and sharing! Hope to see you on the platform!

Melinda Van Fleet is a Confidence & Peak Performance Coach for Businesswomen who desire to build the confidence to take action and get results. Life Coach for female entrepreneurs. Mindset and tactical tips for business and life success.

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Ep 108: STOP! The Boring Content PLEASE!

Who else out there is busy and on limited time?

This podcast episode is in conjunction with Step 1 from the How To Grow Your Business Fast- 5 Tips on my website.


Getting past your fear is a HUGE piece on creating content that doesn’t put your audience to sleep, stop listening, unsubscribe, unfollow, etc.

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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Also Beyond Basic publication on Medium.

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Ep 107: How to Maximize Success! Tip 3

This week is Tip 3 from my new PDF- How to Grow Your Business Fast- 5 Tips for Success. Checking in on your feelings.

It’s an important one because if you don’t good and aren’t listening to your intuition, you wont’ be in alignment.

Check out the episode for more scoop!

Thank you for listening and sharing!

Melinda Van Fleet is a Confidence & Peak Performance Coach for Businesswomen who desire to build the confidence to take action and get results. Life Coach for female entrepreneurs. Mindset and tactical tips for business and life success.

Wish to connect more? https://beyondbasicscoaching.com

Ready to Grow Your Online Business? Clink link above to get your 5 Free Tips!
AND New Course! What’s Holding You Back? 3 Part Program.

All available on my website.

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Ep 106: How to Host a Successful Virtual Summit w/ Sheila O’Broin

Are you ready for this? My special guest this week, Sheila O’Broin, is a Mindset Coach and Transformational Advisor. She is hosting her 2nd Online Show (Virtual Summit) for the year and I am honored to be one of her 24 experts.

In this podcast, she shares her secrets and tips to executing a successful online show:

How to get started- mindset, niche
How much time is needed to prepare
How to get the best expert speakers and what to expect
What platform and special help she works with behind the scenes

And more!

Sign up for The Missing Link to Healthy Online Relationships Online Show with the link below and get ready to transform your relationships on every level! It’s free! 24 amazing experts will guide you through all the ins and outs of relationships you need to know.


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Ep 105: How Does Focus Equal Success? Social Media Platforms

Are you only on one social media platform?

Monday 10/4/21 FB and IG were down. It could be because of the 60 Minutes Special last night??? Hum….

But regardless, what if that’s your only platform? Do you even have a website?

This podcast shares Tip #2 from my new lead magnet, Ready to Grow Your Business? 5 Tips for Success Fast. which is on both my websites:



Shares the tip and also some other insights…

Thanks for listening and sharing!

My other podcast is The Good Karma Success Coach.

Ep 104: Introducing- CREATING Confident Content

Debut episode of this podcast shift!

In this episode I share about the podcast name shift from Confident Conversations to Creating Confident Content.

I also dive into judgment of others (lack vs. collaboration) and how it can keep you stuck.

Podcast Guesting Episode I refer to is: Episode 67.

Beyond Basic FB Group link: