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Hello and Welcome!

Together we can achieve many levels of success through mindset, strategy, taking action, co-creating/embodying Universal Laws, Human Design, and building confidence along the way.

Believing in yourself, finding peace/happiness, and trusting that your energy can compound, transform, and elevate your success are all things we can work on together.

I will help you recognize the patterns that have kept you stuck, and use your intuition, so you can move forward in your life and business.



Confidence & Mindset

Live and Self-Paced Programs, Courses

Ready for Transformational 1:1 Private Coaching?

There are several options available:

3 Month, weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls and Voxer/Email Support (PIF or monthly payments)

3 Month, weekly 1:1 Voxer/Email Support and 1 monthly call (PIF or monthly payments)

One Private 1:1 Laser Zoom or Call with a support follow-up either by email or Voxer.

Click for links for 3 Month options—excited to work with you!

The 2-Day Experience

I am so excited to bring back my masterclasses!

Each month I will host a 2 Day Experience aka Masterclass | Workshops live via Zoom.

Day 1 will be the training and workshop piece and Day 2 is for Q & A.

Click for more details and to sign up. New topics each month!

Human Design will be infused each session.

Bundle packages available! With Audios, Masterclasses by month, or with the “Elevate” Beyond Basic Mastermind.


Supercharge YOUR Transformation 3 Part Course

Own Your Personal Power & Success NOW!

Think about it…what is holding you back? Or maybe you don’t know…

It’s okay if you are either of the above…but, let’s change that fast!

Get Inside My Brain and Let Me Help You!

  • 3 Part Module Series PLUS Mindset Shift Exercises.
  • Cut the fluff, time saving, REAL LIFE, proven tips!

So you can improve your confidence, relationships, AND business today!

New! Beyond Basic Audio

Ready to Evolve Faster?

These audios include next level, Beyond Basic, tips, tools and story shares.

Recordings so far:

  • Freedom (From Overthinking)
  • Success (5 Codes)
  • Believe (Key to Manifesting)
  • Release (The Overwhelm)

Also! Monthly membership available which includes the monthly 2 Day Experience Masterclass Workshops.

If you are in the “Elevate” Beyond Basic Mastermind– Audio and 2 Day Experiences are included.

Coming in October!

“Elevate” Beyond Basic Mastermind ($111 a month—3-month min. or $999 PIF for a year)

Each Month This Mastermind will:

—Host a monthly Live Group Coaching Call Q & A

—Include All 2 Day Experiences aka Masterclass | Workshops

—All Audios (during the duration, but lifetime access)

—Private Community

Click to sign up! Am so excited to walk with you!!!


Free Believe & Take Action Daily Guide​

Do you believe your actions can control your happiness?

These daily/weekly worksheets help you do just that!


Life & Love Lessons

Crush It In Sales Podcast

2022 is here! If you are an entrepreneur, you likely desire to grow your business, or maybe, you are starting your business.

But, we all have something in common—we need sales! Hence, why I brought back the Crush It In Sales Podcast.

This podcast shares tips, tools, strategies, and stories to help you make sales and feel good in the process.

Mindset AND Tactical.

Let’s get ready to crush it!

Ep 157: People.

Some straight-up talk on this episode of Crush It In Sales. No matter what your goals are in life, relationships will always be a critical part of the equation. Whether you're an entrepreneur trying to build a successful business or simply looking to create more...

Ep 156: Abundance in Your Business

What's your abundance mindset like for your business? The business world is full of entrepreneurs who have achieved great things, despite limited resources. This is because they have embraced an abundance mindset, which allows them to see opportunity where others see...

Ep 155: Old Marketing Paradigms P2

This is Part 2 of addressing old marketing paradigms. Part 1 was "Know, like and trust." This dives a bit deeper into listening to other coaches and seeing how you feel about their advice. Thank you for listening and sharing! _______ Links mentioned in the podcast:...

Ep 154: Old Marketing Paradigms P1

Yep, I am going there...it needs to be addressed because so many people get stuck in mind loops of old marketing paradigms. I know I did. So, my intention is this helps someone and in general, there are codes within. Enjoy!!! P2 next week! Thanks for listening and...

Ep 153: Niche P2 and More

Well...I am always open to guidance on adding a tweak, revision, or more info! In this case, regarding last weeks Crush It In Sales Podcast Ep 152 It's Okay Not to Niche, a message came through to share. So, here it is! Enjoy the listen and hope it helps someone out...

Ep 152: It’s Okay Not to Niche!

To niche or not to niche... This conversation and quite frankly, mental torment, for people never seems to end. So in this podcast, I am boldly sharing my opinion, observation, and experience to enlighten others on their journey. With love and success! Thank you for...

Ep 150: Level Up to Build Success

This powerful 150th Crush It In Sales Podcast episode shares some insight in not only spending money to make money and level up your success but also on raising your prices. I share my initial sales course purchase from Grant Cardone which was $1,000 and then another...

Ep 149: Business Confidence

Owning your success and practicing self-empowerment along the way all lead to business confidence. This weeks Crush It In Sales Podcast shares a personal coaching story and a story share about owning my part in Good Karma Sportfishing with my husband Ryan Van Fleet. ...

Ep 147: Extreme Ownership

Where in your life or business are you not taking ownership? A lot of people blame others for the issues/challenges they may have in their life and business. This podcast shares my experience with body issues, Victoria's Secret Stores and more. Thank you for listening...