Episode 17: Lessons- Ryan’s 50th Podcast Episode and Our 10 Year Anniversary of Starting Over

I had this crazy idea to do this podcast together w/ my husband Ryan (Good Karma Sportfishing).  It’s his 50th Podcast Episode which is amazing.  He pushed thru fear, judgement, his own “story” and discomfort of having to learn something new and his podcast has taken off.

Your life learnings and the challenges along the way can either make you or break you.  It’s up to you- your attitude,  your mindset, hard work and time.  But- I know you can do it!

Podcasters Paradise is a great course with full support not only from John Lee Dumas and his wife Kate Erickson but also the community.  It’s how we got started.  Feel free to reach out to me at melinda@melindavanfleet.com if you have any questions.  Link below to sign up for their free webinar.


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