Episode 57: Change Your Life w/ Medium Laura J.K. Beers

“Change your perspective, change your life!” Laura J.K. Beers

The Motivational Medium aka Laura J.K. Beers is an International Speaker, Author, Certified Spiritual Coach, and Psychic Medium.

She loves to help her clients see a unique point of view to help themselves be better, more productive, and feel more authentic.

In this podcast episode she shares:

1.  Her journey on becoming a medium

2. Her tips on handling grief

3. Difference between a psychic and a medium and why her certification is important

4. Her book and life changing stories working with her clients

Check out her website www.themotivationalmedium.com.  She is also on FB, IG and LI.

Laura is available for readings remotely or in person.  Her readings can help shed perspective on a situation you may be facing.

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Thank you for listening!


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