How Can We Stay Positive Amidst The Chaos?

As we all know, Covid- 19 has been tough on everyone in some way, shape, or form and affected people in different ways as well. Then, we layer on election year where people are a bit on edge, to say the least.

But, instead of focusing on the above, I am deciding to shift my mindset to positive thoughts and gratitude. That’s the key – deciding!

Gratitude is essential tool that will change your mindset towards something positive. 

And from talking to neighbors and friends around the globe, finding ways to stay positive are what most folks are looking for.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Figure out what makes you happy.

Most people don’t do this. For me, it’s working. I like to dive in and focus on work to help get through tough times. I have a lot of ideas and have made a huge to-do list. I am also staying consistent with my sleep, daily walk, and eating habits. My daily practice keeps me balanced and on track.

On the flip side, my husband Ryan, likes to do some work, and he has a big to-do list also, but we had to have a serious discussion about what else he is doing, which is watching wrestling. Yep, AEW and WWE.

To me a waste of time, to him, it allows him to think of something else. What else clears your mind? And if you need to discuss with your spouse or partner, so the other person isn’t getting frustrated with what you are spending your time on, do so.

What makes you happy?

  1. Go Through Old Photos and blast some of your favorite music while doing this.

I was welcoming members to my Facebook Group – Good Karma Vibes- and one of my new members is my former college roommate. We roomed together for two years, and then we lost touch. That was 26 years ago! So, when I joined FB last year, I friended her, and we regained contact. During my walk, I had an idea to post an old photo of her on my welcome post. This lead down an enjoyable rabbit hole of looking at old pictures and wanting to connect with friends.

What songs are on your playlist?

  1. Connect with friends and family via Zoom or other methods.

I have since reached out to many friends via text, email, or social media. I have also set up many Zoom calls connecting friends. My friends from Minneapolis and I had lost touch and we have a Zoom call set for Saturday. Another new social media friend has a Zoom call for prayer every night with her family across the miles.

Who can you connect with on zoom?

  1. Spend time making new connections.

Increasing my pipeline of relationships was a goal for 2020. Since people are home, they are open to networking, collaboration conversations, podcast interviews, and mastermind groups. It’s a perfect way to work on your business ideas, goals, and dreams.

Who can you connect with, so you are moving forward?

  1. Go outside!

It’s incredible to me how many people have asked for ideas, and they haven’t gone outside and taken a simple walk. On the flipside, on my morning walks I have seen people biking and walking that I never saw before. So, I have seen it both ways and if you are lucky enough to be able to get outside- do it!

Are you able to go outside today?

It’s been fun seeing various videos that people have created on social media and hearing about other activities. Some of the creativity is off the charts hilarious! But, I also recognize that it’s not easy out there.

Staying focused and remembering that you have to power to change

your mindset is most important.

 And because I recognize I have this power; I am very grateful!

Affirmation – Thank you for______________________

(Seems simple- but remember to do it!)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio- Pexels