Month: November 2020


Stop That Dreadful Thought Loop That Drives You Crazy

Tips On How To Build Confidence In Communication So You Can Be Happier Have you ever felt this way?  Have you ever sent a communication response and regretted it? Have you ever said these things in your head? I wish I didn’t say that. I wish I would have said

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Episode 100: Manifesting Secrets w/ Joanna Hunter

This is it!  The podcast I have been very excited about recording as I am taking part in Joanna Hunter’s- My Million Dollar Experiment- which kicks off Jan 1st, 2021. 

Here’s the secret- you can take part in the experiment too!

Joanna is a spiritual life and business coach with 20 years experience helping others live their dreams.

And in this podcast Joanna weaves her tips- do’s and don’ts- into her stories. So much great info! Hope you are listening and taking notes.

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Hope you will join me in manifesting some fun and great things in 2021+.

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The Secret To Finding Peace Within Yourself

Recognizing your mindset is the first step My husband and I have been married for thirteen years, together for over fourteen. When I met him, I noticed he would often wring his hands. I noticed but never said anything. I had no idea what that meant. A few months into

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Episode 99: What Makes You Attractive? w/ Kimberly Beam Holmes

“Did you know there is actual process to falling in love?”- Kimberly Beam Holmes. CEO of Marriage Helper and Founder and CEO of PIES University.

Kimberly helps people fall in love with a research proven four step process that begins w/ attraction.  

In this episode we discuss:

1. What does PIES stand for and how does it relate to attraction?

2. Can attraction be developed?

3. Understanding your values as well as the other persons.

4. Giving the person a chance as well as recognizing what you need to work on.


*Bonus 5. Social Media- stay tuned until the end!  Kimberly shares her recent social media story which sounds like a great way to manage time and energy.

Hope you enjoy this episode and please share!

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Also check out her podcast- It Starts With Attraction

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What Feeling Are You In?

Simple Inspiration To Help You Move Through Bad Energy “The struggle is real.” I have been watching a lot of conversation out there online lately… And there appears to be two messages: Struggle, melancholy, and advice to honor, and sit with those feelings. And Don’t Give Up! Because I am

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Episode 98: The Secrets Of A Mentalist w/ Jonathan Pritchard

This episode is a double listen!  You may take some notes too…

Expert mentalist, author, coach and speaker, Jonathan Pritchard, shares his over 30 years of real life experience (15+years business) in applied psychology so you can improve your life.

We speak about:

-What is a mentalist?

-What are the basic principles of mind reading and magic?

-His experience on America’s Got Talent

-Practice, focus, time, and experience

-His example of how he broke through and get attention.  What can you do?

-The physics of martial arts and why that’s important

– What’s a successful performer?

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And his book on Amazon: Think Like A Mind Reader

Thank you for listening!

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Episode 97: Bonus! Building Confidence/ Book Release- Guest Ryan Van Fleet

The time has come!  Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner releases Wed. Nov. 11, 2020.

It’s been an amazing experience- learned a lot! And brought up a lot of memories that Ryan and I had buried.

We hope to help others with what we share- feel OK being uncomfortable as you learn, grow, try new things which all lead to confidence!

Book available on Amazon.

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What Is Going to Make Me Feel Better?

Three Tips on How to Feel Happier We all have those days, Yes, those days where we don’t feel the greatest. We may feel sad, unmotivated, or angry. Everyday problems have always existed, but the world around us is bigger, faster, and has more components than previous years. It’s unfair

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Episode 96: Your Words Energy, Manifesting Tips!

“Don’t adapt to the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room.”-  Unknown.

I laid it all out in this one…

Affirmation: I am in perfect alignment with my goals and dreams.

Let me know what you think.

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How To Take Action And The Importance Of Discipline

Staying focused and disciplined is easy and will help me make my dreams a reality. Are you disciplined?  In what aspect? Discipline is a huge focus for me, especially heading into this month and starting my first book. Strengthening your discipline comes with time and practice. For some people, it

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