How To Take Action And The Importance Of Discipline

Staying focused and disciplined is easy and will help me make my dreams a reality.

Are you disciplined?  In what aspect?

Discipline is a huge focus for me, especially heading into this month and starting my first book.

Strengthening your discipline comes with time and practice. For some people, it takes a lot of time and practice building habits. For some people, discipline may come easy, or it could vary by the particular goal.  Maybe it’s easy for you to stop biting your nails (my childhood memory), or perhaps it’s harder to cut back on eating licorice (my adult challenge).

Discipline can define you.

Like it or not, it’s true, so take some time to think about how you are and what your weaknesses are in regards to staying on course.

Often, we do not do that. We may say we are going to get something done, and we either procrastinate or don’t do it at all.  Or even worse, we half-ass it. An example I often hear mentioned on podcasts is that only 3% of people finish the online course they have purchased. Some of these courses cost $2K, and yet only 3% are said to have completed the course.

I had been wrestling with my weight since I was a kid when my uncle called me fat. To look at me, one may not think I have an issue with weight.  But to be transparent, I am extremely good at hiding it. I talk about it on my podcast, The Good Karma Success Coach Episode 78.

So, on July 6th, I decided to stop being lazy and do something about it.  No more excuses or copouts, as that is very easy to do. I decided that it would take extreme will and patience but that I could do it. Scale wise it would have me losing 27lbs. I have no idea what that looks like because I haven’t weighed that in a very long time. Ideally, it’s about being healthy, my body shape, and how my clothes fit. I am sharing my journey on FB Lives as well, and I have released not 27 lbs. but 37 lbs.

What’s an even bigger win? The pride that I have in myself for doing it. Not just saying I am going to do it.  Not starting and a few days later, eating candy and bread, but I am doing it! That feels incredible!

Extreme discipline can be for anything in your life. Whether you are starting a new business, completing a project for your job, setting boundaries in your relationships, working out, or cleaning your house.

We all have choices that we make every day and it’s the decision to stay the course that defines us in the end.

How can you start to move forward on something that has been on your list?

  1. Take time to think about “Your Why.” Why do you want to do this? What is that burning desire inside you that pisses you off and can lead you to make a change? It was pissing me off that I could fit in my clothes comfortably. I felt dumpy and didn’t want anyone to see me looking like that. I was embarrassed that became one of my many whys.

 2. Once you get your mindset right, you can accomplish anything!

What would hold you back? What are the positive and negative points? Think about it and make a list or journal your thoughts if you need to. I spent time studying the food I was going to be eating, making sure I was excited about it, and was ready to give up my habits.

3. Stay the course! Do you need help and inspiration? Find a support group, FB Group, a coach, journal your emotions, or keep focused with positive affirmations. Do not let other people’s judgment hold you back, as that can often be a pitfall as well.

  1. Celebrate! It’s important to celebrate your wins, so you keep motivated. Circle back to all the steps above as well, and that will also help you achieve your goals.

I did a happy dance when I saw the scale move and my clothes were feeling looser. That was the motivation I needed to keep going, but I also recognize that I am in two Facebook Groups and have amazing coaching support from the top that can help me if I need it.

If we didn’t struggle with working towards our goals, we would never appreciate the journey it takes to get there. 

It would be too easy, we wouldn’t have any learnings or stories to share, and we wouldn’t be able to help others. So, remember that and know that you can do it!

“Through self-discipline comes freedom.”- Aristotle