What Is Going to Make Me Feel Better?

Three Tips on How to Feel Happier

We all have those days, Yes, those days where we don’t feel the greatest. We may feel sad, unmotivated, or angry. Everyday problems have always existed, but the world around us is bigger, faster, and has more components than previous years.

It’s unfair to yourself to think that every day has to be sunshine and roses. But, often we beat ourselves up when we don’t feel that way. We compare ourselves to others, and that can make it worse.

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.”- Vince Lombardi

These tips may seem simple as you read them, but they are not always easy and often take practice or coaching. But, give them a shot as they can help you whenever you may need some help.

Tip 1: Think a better thought.

Thinking a better though is better said, “choose not to participate.” Change your mindset to think of like a party going on without a hostess. You are the hostess, and you can shut it down.

How do you do this? Whenever that bad situation creeps in, have a bucket of thoughts you can easily pullout. For me, it’s thinking of our future dream house.  I think about redecorating it, adding a guest house for my family and friends to come, what flowers and plants are in my garden, etc. I have to do this a few times in the last few days as I am dealing with an unpleasant and shocking situation. I reach down in my bucket of ideas and as fast as I can and think of something more fun and positive!

Tip 2: Shut down any social media, news, or comparison.

My husband struggles with the negativity on the news more than I do, so we don’t watch it.  (Don’t tell him, but I may sneak the news once in a while.) I know he is not alone. I was working with a client this week and she said the same thing, she doesn’t watch it because it bothers her. Recognizing what bothers you is an excellent step towards freeing your mind and shifting towards positive thoughts.

Social media, unfollow or mute someone if they do not have the positive vibes you wish to have. Many situations are occurring on social media, and there is nothing wrong with blocking someone, so they do not steal your energy.

Tip 3: Know that you are OK, and you are not alone.

There is an old saying, “Misery loves company.” – John Ray. 

Typically, one may say that’s not a positive statement, and they are correct. However, my point is, don’t beat yourself up for having a bad day or trying your best to move through a situation. We all have them, and it will get better.

The biggest thing I want to leave you with is, you can control this. You can control how you feel.  You may not control what’s around you, but you can control what you consume, think about and then how it makes you feel.

Again, it takes practice and not always easy, but it is possible. You will be so proud of yourself when you get into this habit and start to feel the results.

Affirmation to help: I can get through this with ease.

Photo- courtesy of Pexels