What Feeling Are You In?

Simple Inspiration To Help You Move Through Bad Energy

“The struggle is real.”

I have been watching a lot of conversation out there online lately…

And there appears to be two messages:

  • Struggle, melancholy, and advice to honor, and sit with those feelings.


  • Don’t Give Up!

Because I am a fighter by nature. That’s how I am wired. I am more “Don’t Give Up”. BUT as a human- we all have bad days, and that’s what everyone should recognize. It’s how you move through them that makes the difference.


Yesterday morning I ended up sharing a long story with Ryan about someone that was annoying me online. I hadn’t told him the whole story until then. I told him the story so he could relate to something he felt, which was a similar experience.

Since I had uncovered that energy and talked about it, it ended up affecting my morning walk. That was not fun!  I was repeating the story in my head. I treasure my morning walk and was pissed off that the story repeat overtook my emotions.

Then about ½ through my morning walk, I arrived at the ocean and said my everyday positive affirmations. Viola, that negative energy disappeared. What’s interesting is I didn’t pray on it. I just shifted to all my happy thoughts. And the lousy story I was dwelling on disappeared.

I forgot about the story, until I looked at FB a few hours later and was reminded. But when I was reminded, I didn’t have any energy. I laughed at the situation and moved on.

So, my point is, yes, honor yourself and any negative, or sad feelings, but use tools to move through them. I see a lot of doom and gloom, and people thinking that being in that place will serve them. Newsflash, it’s not.

And reading everyone’s sad stories often doesn’t help either….be careful of that. Read them for inspiration to learn how they moved through them, not so you can have an excuse to sit in it further and think about their problems or make delays regarding you doing the work and moving forward. That bad energy just compounds. It won’t help you.

Here are some tips that can help shift your mindset:

  • Find someone to help you or talk to- loved one, coach, friend, etc.
  • Read a book
  • Go for a walk
  • Hug your dog
  • Listen to music and dance around (yes, seriously this works!)

But it’s essential to do something that will help you get to a better place.

“I will get through this!”

And then DON’T GIVE UP!