Month: December 2020

Episode 107: How To Use “The Force” In The New Year w/ Ryan

Happy New Year!

We are so grateful to everyone for being part of our communities and wish everyone the best for 2021!

Ryan and I talk about intuition guiding you to be live your best life!

Other episodes mentioned are: 101 and 95

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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How Can We All Laugh A Little More?

Have you heard these sayings before? “Laughter is the best medicine.” “Worry less, laugh more.” When is the last time you laughed? REALLY belly laughed? Laughed so hard your face hurts? (This happens to me.) Or you had tears in your eyes? Laughter keeps coming up for me. I was

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Episode 106: Incredible Insights From Your Pet/Animals w/ Kathleen Nightingale

Awhile back I had a reading with a Medium who pulled through my families dog that passed away years ago. I loved her very much and would walk her every chance I could.

So, as a believer, when I connected to Kathleen Nightingale (animal lover, life coach and healer) I had to speak with her.

She read our youngest dog (and my heart dog), Miracle. Miracle is featured in a lot of my IG stories so you may have seen her. And yes, she’s alive. It’s heart warming to know what she thinks of me- so check it out!

Also it’s very important to know how to heal when your pet passes on. So please reach out to Kathleen as she can help with both inspiration and healing.

Connect her at: and also on FB.

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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Episode 105: Bonus Holiday Meditation w/ Debbra Lupien

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful channeled meditation from Debbra Lupien- The Voice of The Akashic Records and Intl Bestselling Author of Akasha Unleashed- The Missing Manual To You.

Debbra is hosting a special New Years Day zoom call to celebrate 2021!  Sign up for her email list with the website link below.

Her other meditation podcasts- Eps 60, 72, 82

Debbra’s Soul Introduction readings are life changing! I highly recommend connecting with her to schedule a reading.  You can learn more by listening to Episodes 67 and 69. I had one and so did my husband Ryan.  

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The Importance Of Taking A Deep Breath (Or Three)

Understanding that taking deep breaths can lead to peace and happiness “Breath, just breath!” My former sales manager used to say that to me when I would get upset about a client situation. I thought it was so condescending.  I would tune her out and go about with my angry

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Episode 104: What Can You Learn From Tarot? w/ Deb Frueh

When my friend Debbra Lupien posted about Deb Frueh and her special on tarot card readings, I realized I hadn’t had my tarot cards read in 2 years!!!  So, it was time!

I do these podcasts to share various spiritual, mindset, and healing tools that anyone can use.

Over the years, tools such as tarot, have provided amazing insight and clarity.

A reading with Deb, is in that bucket.

In this podcast, Deb shares her journey into tarot, we talk about my reading, other fun stories, and also her Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe Event that she founded in 2014 and holds in August.   

Love this podcast!  Hope you do too!

Please contact Deb for a reading. It’s well worth it!

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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What Do You Think Of When You Hear The Word Blessings?

This year, December 1st, marked 16 years since my brother, Bryan, tragically passed away from blood clots. It had been painful for my family and we all know he is with us. Bryan always had loose change and was dropping quarters. When he died, I would find random quarters. To

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Episode 103: Secret to Abundance- Are You Accepting Blessings?

“I rejoice in what I have and I greet the new with open arms.”

– Louise Hay

Are you accepting blessings? Or would you laugh at me if you saw me dancing the parking lot when I find a dime?

Abundance is all around us and if you start to accept your blessings, more will come!

Thank you for listening!

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What? I Am So Confused….Is Being Positive A Bad Thing?

“What are your thoughts on toxic positivity?” one of the attendees asked the speaker. This fall, I was a speaker in a live virtual summit on self-care. An essential topic for everyone nowadays, and I was excited to be one of the 12 speakers. One of the attendees posed a

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Episode 102: Check Your Energy! Mindset, Compassion. Law of Attraction

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”- Buddha

Are you on a positive track? Enough cannot be said about remaining positive and doing what you can to shift when you are not.

I also dive into compassion and why I was getting nudges…

Check out the blog I mention regarding Toxic Positivity-

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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