Change Your Life With Daily Intentions

Day By Day- You Can Do It!

“UGH! Another year and more resolutions I don’t think I can keep.”

Is this something you say to yourself?

Statistics show:

Only 27% of survey participants made any resolutions for 2020. Overall, the most popular resolutions for 2020 are to exercise more (50%), save money (49%), and eat healthier (43%). Most participants (64%) kept some of the same resolutions from 2019 and also made some new ones. (Source- Discover Healthy

What if you did daily intentions instead?

Easier? Maybe….give it a try!

Here are some ideas:

Monday Mantra

A great way to kick off the week! Pick a mantra for the week and remember to say it and FEEL it!

Some of you may never have heard of a mantra, and that’s normal. It’s a way to say something positive to yourself, so it can help change your mindset and energy.

Personal Mantra. A personal mantra is an affirmation to motivate and inspire you to be your best self. It is typically a positive phrase or statement that you use to affirm the way you want to live your life. … The true value of a mantra comes when it is audible, visible, and/or in your thoughts.

Below is a more formal definition:

The translation of the Sanskrit word, mantra, is “instrument or tool of the mind.”

Commonly used in Hinduism and Buddhism for thousands of years, mantras are words, sacred sounds, prayers or phrases used in meditation. Believed to raise physical vibration and positively affect body and mind they help to focus concentration, deepen meditation, achieve inner peace and connect to a higher power.

Some of us use mantras in meditation and even throughout the day.  But the vast majority don’t remember to use them so hopefully this can serve as a reminder.

Simple examples:

  • I am amazing!
  • I feel great!
  • I love my life!
  • My business is flourishing
  • All my dreams come true

Spending a few minutes to think of ones that work for you is time well spent.  Even keeping them on a notecard, stickie notes, your journal, anywhere where you can easily access them and remember to do them is essential.

I love and regularly use Ho’Oponono as a way to change my mindset and energy quickly.

If you have heard the word Affirmation, Mantras and Affirmations are often used interchangeably and have a slightly different context.  The word Affirmation came about in the 1970’s.

Positive affirmations were developed in the 1970’s by neuroscientists, using psychotherapy and linguistics to consciously change thought patterns towards more desired outcomes.

Whatever way you choose to look at it, both are effective and can be life-changing.

Try It Tuesday

Try something new on Tuesday that can help you grow. Pick a new book to read or audio to listen to. If you try something new each week- 52 weeks later- imagine how much you will have learned!

Wishful Wednesday

Make a wish every Wednesday!

I love this powerful quote from one of the most successful people of all time- Walt Disney.

First Think,

Second Believe,

Third Dream,

And Finally, Dare.

Often, we are busy with our days that we don’t take time to think, let alone believe, dream or dare.  How can you carve out some time in your day to sit uninterrupted and do this?  Even if it’s only fifteen minutes.  Fifteen minutes less on IG would be time spent on you and your thoughts and dreams.

I think Walt Disney says it all.  Take this time you have to do it.

Thankful Thursday

We can all be grateful for something.  When my husband Ryan and I moved down to The Keys after we were both laid off at the same time in 2009, we started over from scratch. It had many rough patches along the way, and there were often months that I didn’t know how we were going to pay the rent.

So, to keep positive and keep going, I would make my husband tell me three things he was grateful for.  Often, he would glare at me, but he would do it.  I still do that with him to this day when he gets down.

I genuinely believed we could always think of at least three things we were grateful for. Even if one was just nachos and cheese.

Fun Friday!

This one made me a little nervous about posting because we all know what’s going on. But, to keep sane, why not try to think of something fun?

There is something to be said for “embracing your inner child.”

Even if your fun is watching Tik Tok or It’s Sunny In Philadelphia (yep, that’s my household), it’s imperative to have a laugh or two. I can easily laugh at my stupidity so that counts as well.

“Success isn’t about how your life looks to others, it’s about how it feels to you.” Tailpic

Say It Saturday

Yes, say it out loud!  If you wish to hide in a closet and say out loud, that’s OK.

  • Ask for help
  • Say something positive
  • Say something of gratitude
  • Give a compliment
  • Tell someone you love them

Use your Saturday intention for positive change. The positive words we say can also impact someone’s life, and you don’t know until you say it.

Share It Sunday

Sharing never gets old, and guess what? You feel good paying it forward and you may learn something else in the process.  Helping others is a positive intention which also helps change lives.

Share what you learned over the week and build upon those daily intentions.

Before you know it, the changes will compound and how knows what fabulous new life changing adventure will arise!

“There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking.”

– Brian Tracy

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