OMG! We are already “friends”!

Well, that’s social media for ya…and to be more direct Facebook.

We “friend” people and have no idea who the heck they are. And then we often leave it to chance and let Facebook decide who or who not to show in our feed.

I try my hardest to weed through friend connection requests:

  • Do they have a photo?
  • Do we have mutual connections?
  • Do they look creepy or way too political?

Too many creepy guys….

I realize this is not a foolproof method, nor one the experts would recommend.  However, there are so many hours in a day.

Today was an eye-opening experience.

If you watched my Facebook video from Tuesday Jan. 19th, you will see I just got on Clubhouse. Yep, another social platform that is wanting our time and energy – and likely our personal data – let’s be real!

But, with my upcoming book release- Confidence Master For Couples- Roadmap To A More Intimate Relationship March 9th,  I knew I needed to check it out.

After several hints, i.e., YouTube videos in my feed and an invite, I finally landed on Clubhouse because my writing coach Laura DiFranco mentioned it in our writing class. OK universe, I can take the hint….

Fast forward to this morning’s lesson…

The same Laura DiFranco, started a room at 6:30 am to chat about morning habits. First time for this room- kudos on having the confidence to start! All rooms start somewhere and the fact that there were only three of us was a win. Why? Because with Clubhouse, the smaller more intimate rooms are where you not only get to speak and share but also you can get to know someone. In the larger rooms, you are a number. You are a little avatar image in a sea of coaches and influencers.

And what happened? The third person in the room was Dianna Leeder. She has a book launch coming up in February 2nd. Find Your Voice, Save Your Life.

After the call, I went into FB to connect and Holy Cow, we are connected already! We are friends!

Neither of us realized it during the Clubhouse room.

What is my hindsight:

  1. Try something new today- you don’t know who you may meet or what opportunities may present themselves. Facebook isn’t the cats’ ass. Clubhouse may not be either.

But as we say in our business, Good Karma Sportfishing, “You don’t know until you go.”

  1. Realize how big the world is and the vast opportunity we all have to get out and connect with others. Take some time to connect!

3. If you are in Clubhouse, don’t judge a room by it’s size. Again, a larger room means you will be lost. A smaller room leads to more of a chance to connect and share.

I would love to hear your thoughts and adventures as you build your confidence navigating this world of connections and amazing people!

“The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”- Bill Gates

Photo by- Andrea Piacquadio- Pexels