Confidence Mastery For Couples- Snip from Chapter 13

This is a section taken from Chapter 13- Teamwork, Support, and The Recipe


The other aspect of teamwork is support. If you feel alone in your partner not supporting your business ideas, or a friendship, or how you raise your children, you are not alone. I am sure you can add to that list, as well.

“My husband doesn’t support my new business idea.”

“She won’t let me buy that extra piece of equipment we need to grow.”

“He’s so nasty when I come home after hanging out with Cynthia.”

Support shows up in all different ways. It also often takes time, so don’t give up! Your idea may be new and completely blindside the other person. They may have limiting beliefs that stem from their experience or childhood. Getting to the bottom of “why” they are feeling this way and working on it gently over time will change the thought process.

We have had our fair share of business ideas. Some worked, some didn’t. I always say the mistakes build confidence just as much as the wins. Mistakes are lessons.

Ryan desperately wanted a second boat so he could fish the backcountry in The Keys when it was too windy on the ocean. We spent close to $100K on a gorgeous brand new boat (including the outfitting), and that plan didn’t work. We learned that Ryan’s customer base was not interested in fishing the backcountry. Ryan had built his business on fishing the blue water ocean. The two different bodies of water have different species and are also a different experience. Ryan further realized he wasn’t passionate about fishing in the backcountry. Hence, two years later, we sold the boat, paid it off, and moved on.

I swear I was brainwashed at a very popular speaker’s event in 2018 in West Palm Beach. I purchased a House Flipping AND an Option Trading course. I think I have blocked that amount out of my brain, as it brings up bad energy and takes me off my positive railroad tracks. I remember coming home, excited, somehow thinking that I was going to be flipping houses like the guy on HGTV and also making millions in trading options. A great NLP salesperson will do that to you.

What was I thinking? What happened to my brain? Can I get out this?

Ends up, after a few days, you can’t get out of it. I attended the Options Trading courses and gave it my best shot. It was fascinating because after the second tier of classes, you realize they actually cannot fully train you on how to trade options. It was all mindset training.

Lovely. What a f-ing waste of money and time.  I learned a lot that day about events, popular (dare I even say famous) motivational speakers and how they make money, but most of all, I learned that my husband was supportive of me and I of him. You need to try things in life and business. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t, but you will push through it and be able to move forward if you communicate and treat each other as a team.

All along, though, we were supportive of each other, and I am grateful. At the end of the day, money is energy, and if your mindset is in the right place, and you bet on yourself, it will bounce back.

I have the confidence that it will- tenfold.