Transformational Tip- Reframing Paying Your Bills

“Abundance is not something we acquire it’s something we tune into.”- Wayne Dyer

This weeks tip is about having an abundance mindset. We all love abundance, right?

How do you feel about paying your bills? Yes- your bills!! We all have them!

Any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • Yuck!
  • UGH! This sucks!
  • I have no money!
  • Why did I buy that?
  • I hate credit card debt!

If so, you are not alone…I have been very good about bills especially since my husband and I started over in 2009. I have kept a neutral energy vibe. Hindsight- I wish I would have shown gratitude at some of the expenses.

So, what happened last week? I received a new bill. A bill for a service that will help my business grow and am very happy with. The bill wasn’t anything crazy but when I received it, but to be honest, my heart sank a little bit as it’s one more bill and since it’s a business building expense I haven’t seen a return yet and likely won’t see a return for awhile.

So instead of paying it from a bad energy place, I didn’t pay at that exact moment. Instead, I put it on my to do list to pay the next morning after I meditated and made sure my energy was in a great celebratory place.

Ahh!! Much better. Sending love to money AND my business at the same time! Such a Win win.

Keep this tip in mind next time you are paying your bills and let me know how it goes!