Life & Love Lessons- How to Discover Confidence Through Your Spiritual Journey

Who doesn’t desire more love, abundance, and joy in their life? And where would you be if you used all the spiritual tools and guidance available to you to achieve that feeling?

In Melinda’s second confidence-building book, she shares inspiring, often funny, and actionable stories, teachers, and tools that create Aha moments as well as validate your higher-self’s guidance.

She intentionally shares stories of mindset, manifestation and The Law of Attraction through the lens of the actual journey vs. traditional books you have likely already read.

Some of the topics she covers are:

  • Energy
  • Reconnecting with Your Higher-Self
  • Recognizing Your Intuition
  • Letting Go of Time
  • Tarot Cards
  • Kabbalah
  • Human Design
  • Soul Readings
  • Money

And more!

Melinda effortlessly weaves her journey into her daily life and shows how it can help build the confidence you desire to move forward, live your dream, and achieve happiness, peace, and success.

Available now on Amazon- Paperback, eBook, and Audible