Transformational Tip- What If This Works?

Mindset and Midyear Goals

I was at a networking event two Saturdays ago and listened to a speaker giving some goal-setting advice.

He blew me away.

Not because of his deliverance or that he told me something regarding goal-setting I didn’t know.

But, because he had us raise our hands if we set goals. And in a room full of at least 70 people, approximately ten people raised their hands.

Yep, ten people.

I was shocked.

He then went on to say that statistically, only 3% of people set goals. He is a speaker and coach under Brian Tracy’s program. And if you know who Brian Tracy is, you know that the statistic has to be solid.

Really? Only 3%? That seems so low. Strangely low.

I give people more credit than that. We all know setting goals, having a plan, and having dreams is essential. Can it be true that only 3% of people do it?

Then factor in how many people stick to a plan and see their dreams and goals manifest?

Hmmm….maybe that’s why there is “The 1%?”

I have always set goals. They are very high. I took time out of the goals because thinking everything will manifest in the year may not be likely. So, taking time out of the equation was a tweak I made a few years ago. I have also learned to factor in smaller goals and celebrate when they are accomplished.

Now, it’s July. We are ½ way through 2021, and there so many incredible opportunities available for all of us.

Let me ask you this:

Do you set goals?

If so, do you have a mid-year check-in?

Do you then reset, tweak, and or celebrate what you have accomplished?

Suppose you are someone who hasn’t been setting goals. It doesn’t have to be New Year’s Eve to start. You can start any second. And then take it a step further and check in on them at least ½ way through the year or once a quarter.

Change your mindset from, “this won’t work,” to “what if this works?”

Get started and you will be amazed at the progress you have made!

I would love to hear what yours are or what you have accomplished!