Transformational Tip- Breathing

“Fill your body with deep breaths, and it will fill you with peace.” —Unknown.

OK, you have heard it all before, I know.

But are you doing it?

Are you focusing on your breathing to calm your nervous system?

If you know me, you know my husband, Ryan, is a jam-packed charter boat fishing guide in The FL Keys- Good Karma Sportfishing. Ryan gets booked every day.

Last week as I laid down to go to bed, I happened to put my head on his chest and could hear his heart beating so fast. And he was having a hard time falling asleep.

Instead of operating on auto pilot, making a comment, and ignoring it; I asked him to breathe with me.

At first, he did his normal breathing, as most people do. But I stopped him. Yes, he was tired, and I am sure at that moment, a little annoyed.

But I stopped him so he could be intentional and take deep, inhaling breaths with me. He focused and then let them out. The big-time way! Deep breathe in and deep breathe out.

No joke, within two of those breaths, his heart drastically slowed down and was at a usual pace.

Within 30 seconds, he was sound asleep.

Having the proof myself, with my husband, was a fascinating insight into how breathing and your heart are connected.

Try it!