Transformational Tip- Silence

“Silence is sometimes the best answer.”— Dalai Lama

I love silence. Do you?

Silence is an amazing tool on many levels. I had this thought process pop up for me a few times over the past week. First, however, I had to train my brain to stop the autopilot and retreat to silence during those situations. It takes practice but something we can all do.

Today I will share three good reasons to make silence a part of your life and practice.

1. To avoid conflict or drama. If you think about it, your silence alone can prove a point.

2. To listen- really listen. How many of you have worked with a coach before that doesn’t listen? Or you get upset with someone, i.e., a spouse/partner or even a family member who isn’t listening. Be the person who stops and listens vs. talking. Two ears, one mouth, right?

3. To think and process- see how you feel and assess. Often, we jump and take immediate action. Then we regret it. It could be that at first our intuition is talking to us in how we should respond, but then our ego may take over. And we make a bad decision. Or it could be vice versa. Our ego is fast to respond, but if we sat with it and felt our emotional index, our intuition would better guide us. Take time to sort through those thoughts and feeling to make the best decision for you.

I am sure there are likely more reasons to practice silence.  And, I am sure that as I am silent, they will come to me.

What ones can you think of and practice?