Chapter 15 Snippet—Celebration and Gratitude

Chapter 15—Celebration and Gratitude

Snippet from: Life Love Lessons- How to Discover Confidence Through Your Spiritual Journey

 “Celebration is a party in the name of gratitude.” —Melanie Ann Layer

The Money Happy Dance

I feel called to share this easy, fun tool. If you already practice the money happy dance, high five!

I have gotten to the stage in my life where I don’t care much what others may think. I have mentally gotten to a place of chalking it up as, “I bet they wish they could do the money happy dance in the parking lot.”

Do you find money when you are out and about? Loose coins? And if so, do you celebrate it?

I find coins often. Do you? It’s not every day, but in some cases once or even twice a day. Yesterday I found both a nickel and a dime. The day before, I found a shiny new quarter. And the day before that was a penny.

I remember being in the checkout line at our local Winn Dixie grocery store. A lady in front of me, who looked to be in bad health, dropped some change on the ground. She walked away and left it. The whole scene happened quickly, and then she was gone, so I didn’t feel bad picking them up. If you think about this situation and how she left the coins, I wonder how this works with the Universe?

When I find money, I celebrate. Yes, often I even do a little dance.

I found a dime in the parking lot when I went to the hardware store with my husband. I danced outside of our car. Ryan wanted to hide. His famous saying when he’s embarrassed by me is, “Please help me!” Too bad. I did my dance.

“Dance like nobody’s watching.”—Mark Twain.

(See, even Mark Twain danced around when he found money!)

One day when I was up on the mainland running some errands, I was outside some stores in a strip mall area and happened to look down and see some pennies on the pavement. My excitement grew about finding the lucky pennies and as I stopped to pick them up, I realized that there was a young lady close to me.

Oops! I don’t want to be snagging her lucky pennies too.

So, I stopped and asked her if she wanted any of the pennies. She looked at me a bit stunned but very politely and said, “No, but my grandma used to do that, too.” She was likely laughing at me especially because I was so excited! But in my head, I was like, Smart grandma.

I started putting the change I have found in a pretty Beatriz Ball handmade heart dish and keep it on my desk for Good Karma. That feels good!