Transformational Tip- Are You Living As You Were Created?

“I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” —Thomas Edison

I own a lot of books are on how to be a speaker.

You may also own a lot of personal development books, right?

And they are good- I found that I picked bits and pieces of what works for me and what feels aligned for me.

I would dare say that how we all go through the personal development process. And that’s a good thing.

But how come we don’t recognize that?

We often beat ourselves up and get discouraged when things don’t work out exactly as planned or envisioned.

Often folks give up too soon and don’t keep going.

Further, we get so caught up in what other people’s opinion, judgment, or bias.

As someone who creates content such as books, talks, and social media regularly, these thoughts cross my mind every day.

But the sampling may be small. Or you may have to re-tool who your audience is.

What do you do when you get discouraged and feel like quitting?

Here are some tips to keep going:

  1. Take a self-assessment. Code Breaker/BANK or Human Design are both great tools that I use in my coaching practice. You can take the Code Breaker assessment on my website Once you start to see your strengths and operate in them with a mindset of success and attract the right audience, you will feel better and motivated to keep going.
  2. Remember some wins and successes you have had in the past and or other people’s stories. Use comparison for fuel. All successful people have stories of starting. Seek out those stories and keep them in your back pocket.
  3. Take a moment to regroup and get grounded again. I had this back in 2019 when something didn’t go as I had planned. I had a significant setback which was crushing. I took a few weeks off to regroup and remember my why. “Why did I want to do this?” Once I regrouped, found a new coach and some new tools, I felt motivated to start back up again and was successful.

Most important- remember you are not alone. Everyone goes through this. One of the people I follow took four years before she got some momentum. If you keep that in mind and learn from coaches, books and other assessment tools you will likely learn through their teachings and collapse time.