Transformational Tip- What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed

I can control my overwhelm…

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Overwhelm happens to the best of us. And people often use it as an excuse not to move forward.

Believe it or not, overwhelm is something we can control.

We can minimize, adjust, and eliminate overwhelm.

We all have the power.

Some people don’t choose to believe that they can control overwhelm, but, as with anything, belief is a choice. Once we start to do this as a practice, we build confidence that we can always control it.

I hear it often regarding content creation. People don’t feel they have time to create great content because they are overwhelmed with other things.

Here are some quick tips to nip that feeling in the bud:

  1. Believe, no going to pick a better word, KNOW, you can adjust!
  2. Stop and take some breaths and a moment.
  3. Analyze what you have going on.
  4. Edit, prioritize, or delegate. There is always something you can adjust.

Take out a pen and paper- the old fashion way and make a list.

And no excuses!

Scrolling through IG is not something that should be on the list. And seriously, the bulk of what I hear people are spending time on is scrolling or watching Netflix. #Truth.

Start the process of shifting away from overwhelm now and feel better!