Transformational Tip- Rage Release and The Law of Attraction

Hum…you may be scratching your head…

“What’s the correlation?” “Is there one?” “What the heck are you talking about?”

Or even, “Wow! Rage is a super strong word.”

But, I got your attention right?

Have you heard of the book Unbound- A Woman’s Guide to Power by Kasia Urbaniak?

She validates something I was recently discovering.

Releasing rage is a good thing in shifting our energy. And she uses the word rage vs. anger.

How many of you bury your rage? Rage, in that the feelings or thoughts are best not shared with the other person, for the most part. It would be too damaging.

Thoughts inside your head that could be kind of tough on the other person if you let them out.

I would dare say we all have them at some point. People can be difficult on all levels. I know I am not perfect.

Once in a while, a list of these rage thoughts builds up and I end up talking them through to myself on my morning walks. Sometimes even out loud as it’s super early and no one is around.

I used to have contradictory thoughts that I would negatively affect The Law of Attraction or other things I was trying to manifest. I wasn’t in a positive state. However, after this mini venting, I always felt better. I forgot about the issues altogether and got on with my day.

I realized it felt good to have my mini venting sessions to myself.

Kasia suggests in her book to write it out. Write out the thoughts you would like to say out loud that are better kept to yourself. And if you have a safe person to vent to, try that. I would suggest if you didn’t find someone to vent to or talk to yourself on a private walk, maybe take a drive or sit in your car somewhere. But regardless, get it out of your mind and body.

Truth be known, it’s better to move through that energy, even if it’s painfully negative for a few minutes to let it go than to bury it or let it fester. The Law of Attraction will appreciate your newfound clean energy and be able to get back to work.