Transformational Tip- How To Take The Sting Out of Feedback

I heard a recent story about an actress who almost gave up because someone said she sucked and wouldn’t amount to anything. I bet there are millions of stories like that. Do you have any?

It’s true. People can get in your head with the words they say, what they post or comment online, email you, or even what they don’t say.

And more often than not, people quit or give up when they hear harsh feedback.

Now, I am not saying feedback or working on improving isn’t a good path to take. But it would help if you kept keeping a few things in mind mentally as you are working on improving something someone commented on.

Here are some tips:

  1. Keep in mind your values, your why, and what you are working towards achieving. Stay focused on the end goal vs. the sting of the feedback you received if it was tough.
  2. Think to yourself, do you want to be that person? Oftentimes, the answer is likely no. I wrote a chapter about this mindset shift in Confidence Mastery for Couples. It’s Chapter 9, and the title is “Who the F Cares.” It is also a blog on my website.
  3. Last, pull your Human Design Chart and get to know it. Get to know yourself by embodying your Human Design Type. Then when you understand how perfect you are created from The Universe, start to understand the other person is built differently and has different viewpoints.

Understanding your Human Design will alleviate negative feelings towards the person who delivered the feedback.

I infuse Human Design into my coaching business and talk about it a lot on The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast.

Remember, you are an amazing person and have all the power within you to shift your mindset and evolve. Use the feedback to improve and feel good in the process!