Life & Love Lessons- Chapter 10

Obsessed with Human Design

“Human Design is a mental system, so we can finish our mental business and get to the spirit. We can’t get to the spirit until we finish this mind trip.” —Ra Uru Hu

Over the years, primarily when I worked in the corporate world, I have taken many personal development exams. Companies have an HR department, a budget, and then they often hire a trainer from the company to come in, have employees take an exam, give a lecture and leave. I wrote about HBDI in CMFC, as that was one personal development exam that stuck with me, and I applied the learnings.

Would you agree on the fact that if you find at least one good nugget in a book or personal development test, it’s a win?  The same goes for a recipe book. I think I first heard the theory with recipes. It seemed odd to me at the time, but now after reading so many books over the years, I would tend to agree.

With Human Design, it’s been a different ball game. If you don’t know what Human Design is, I will share some topside information so that you understand when I dive in with the stories.

Human Design is a system that combines metaphysical methodologies (such as Chakras, Kabbalah, Astrology, and Quantum Physics) to help people make shifts in their consciousness so they can evolve. The system was downloaded from The Divine to Robert Alan Krakower in 1987. Robert later changed his name to Ra Uru Hu.

I would highly recommend the following books and website if you wish to learn more.

  • Understanding Human Design by Karen Curry
  • Understanding Your Clients Through Human Design by Robin Winn, MFT


There is a lot more depth in those resources than anything I will be covering here. So, I recommend the above books and websites to learn more. The two books have been the basis of my learning, and the information has pulled out to draw conclusions in relation to my experiences.

When I received a reading by Margo Parks in the Fall of 2020, I had never heard of Human Design. Now, I feel it’s like the car manifesting theory I am sure you have heard. “If you desire a Black Range Rover, all of the sudden, they are everywhere you look.” Exaggerating a little bit, but not about the Range Rovers; they are everywhere in South Florida.

What drew me in immediately was how relatable and accurate this concept is. I could take the test for free and receive results which I could directly apply. All I needed to do was enter my birth information. A busy person like me loves that! No complicated thinking questions that spin you around. Thank you Ra Uru Hu and The Divine!

I am a 3/5 Pure Generator. Learning about my Human Design Type helped shed a lot of light on who I am and how I behave. I have always been an action taker and thrive on being busy. The busier I am, the more productive I become. When I am not busy, I tend to fall into what I refer to as a “slack pit.” I never feel good in the slack pit, which means I am unaligned with my true self. Mystery solved!

I have always been amazed and even judged (unfairly, to be honest) people that sit around and watch TV all day because I have never been “that person.” I would make fun of people that hang in the slack pit. Certainly not a kind way to be, and when I reflect upon my judgment, I feel ashamed and embarrassed. There are other types such as Projectors and even Reflectors who require more self-care-related rest and a break from other types, such as a Generator like myself. Now that I understand, I can’t say I blame them. I would want a break from me, too.

Having even a basic understanding using the Human Design system freed up so much mind space and created awareness to let not only judgment of others but also self-judgment go.

Alignment feels amazing!

Busy Bee

It’s amazing how some memories can stick with you and others you forget. One such memory is when I lived in Downtown Chicago. I had a good number of friends and was in the Chicago Social Club, a large organized quarterly sporting (and we did our fair share of drinking) organization, and worked two jobs. I was very busy and extremely happy.

Except for the lack of a boyfriend, and living beyond my means, I would say I was pretty darn lucky with my lifestyle. However, my mother judged my busy schedule. She would often say, “There are no awards at the end of the day for being the busiest person.” I thrived on being busy, so her judgment was an annoying trigger.

Even when I was in my corporate job as a buyer, slow times would drive me crazy. I would end up wasting the day away talking to co-workers and taking a long lunch. I would feel worse on those days vs. days I was crazy busy and some people would assume it was stressful. To me, it wasn’t stressful at all; I loved it!

When I was a full-time sales rep, my happiest days were when I had all the lines available with a large multi-vendor rep group I represented at the time and six other side-lines. But, as luck would have it, the rep group cut my package in half for their own benefit, leading me down a path of finding more purpose and fulfillment and asking the Universe, “What’s next?” I have a note on my bulletin board dated 3/17/17 asking, “What is Next?”

And here we are. Ask and you shall receive.

When you have even the simplest clarity that results from knowing your type, the pressure you put on yourself, as well as statements others make, fall to the wayside.  Ahhh…what a great relief.

Yes, I’ll Take Another

Another self-discovery busted a nasty trigger which would rear its head every once in a while. I tended to get annoyed when someone else shared an idea with me. Their idea would work well, and then I would be annoyed that it wasn’t my idea. This thought process and trigger may sound odd to you, but people don’t normally share the ugly thoughts they have because of fear of judgment. When I learned that a characteristic of being a Generator to is take action on other people’s ideas and suggestions, or that waiting to have something all come together before acting were the best forms of successful action for my type, I felt like throwing a massive party with a lot of cake! I love cake with extra icing. I am making myself hungry.

And then guess what?  Who is one of the most famous people in the world? Most likely in the Top 10 of when asked the question, “Who would you like to have dinner with?”

Can you guess? I will give you a moment…

Yes, it’s Oprah. Oprah is a Generator. How cool is that? Oprah and I are in the same club! Do you want my autograph now?

It makes sense. If you think about the fact that she built an incredible life (and dare I also mention fortune) on building relationships, interviewing other people, and sharing their success, which then helps millions of people. Well, that pretty much took away any triggers related to being upset about other folks’ ideas. I am good now, rolling on!

Understanding Others

My husband, Ryan, is a Manifesting Generator. Since it is easy to find out other peoples’ types, I recommend running the chart for anyone else in your life with whom you desire to have a better relationship or even if you are just curious about them.

For years, I have told my husband he is a Jedi. Ryan is likely Yoda in human form. I am not kidding. For years, I have intuitively known this to be true. In my synopsis, Manifesting Generators are like Jedis. They have the power to manifest along with the energy a Generator has, so magical shit can happen. On the flip side, I have learned that Ryan can also be his own worst enemy. If he lets self-doubt, triggers, or sadness get a hold of him, his powers do not actualize. As his wife, it is a frustrating experience that often leads to a big discussion and me playing a lot of Abraham Hicks for him on YouTube. Truth!

I find it fascinating to learn some of the challenges that Manifesting Generators have and then correlate them to my own triggers or areas where I have seen a deficit. For example, one of the challenges is skipping steps. Ryan used to be a quality control supervisor for production plants. He was responsible for QA and cleaning. However, at home, he is the one who leaves the dirty rag on the floor. Cleaning and dirty rag on the floor? I would laugh, as I was always curious if he did that at work, hence why he had various work challenges.

He also gets burned out after a stretch of charters and needs to recharge. Naps are also something Ryan needs after he “go go goes” hard at getting things done; often various tasks at the same time. Hence, another trait which makes sense knowing how he operates.

Since my initial dive into the Human Design concept, I continue to pick up tidbits here and there and apply them to my life. The learnings help settle my mind and provide such amazing clarity. I have found that understanding Human Design, in conjunction with my Soul Introduction Reading with Debbra Lupien, brings peace to my busy brain and takes my self-judgment down a major notch. It also helps when you know something about yourself, and you may be frustrated if another person does not behave in the same way. They likely are not wired as you are.

I recorded a podcast episode on The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast Episode 122 in which I shared my experience manifesting using Human Design. I put out into the Universe at the end of the podcast to be connected with a Human Design Advisor. As great fortune would have it, it occurred. Yay! You guessed it! Through a fellow writer, Danielle, I was introduced to Human Design Advisor and fellow Life Coach Ann Smyth. Ann shared further incredible insight on my design chart and was a guest on podcast Episodes 130 and 134. All three podcasts are enlightening episodes to listen to, but pull your chart first!

So much of this understanding is simple, but we don’t practice it. The judgment rolls around first and then you have to remind yourself, “Hey, they may not be a communicator and have a defined head center;” an example I find when working with someone who isn’t naturally inclined to create content.

I love relating Human Design Types to others. It’s fascinating how you can assimilate writing styles, topics, and even how another author may handle their book writing and social media based on what type they are. As humans, we judge each other, but when you know it’s their type and how they are wired, the acceptance becomes inevitable.

You can see how having an understanding of Human Design can open your eyes to learning and understanding more about yourself and others, as well.

“Human Design opens the door to the potential of self-love, a love of life, and the love of others through understanding.”—Ra Uru Hu