Ep 194: Tips To Be More Present and Mindful w/ My Niece Sienna Krieg

Fabulous mindfulness tips episode with my 16 year-old niece Sienna Krieg. She is my monthly co-host and we started podcasting together last July, so please check out those episodes. Attaching some recent podcast links with Sienna Krieg below:

Ep 188: Anxiety Tips and Asking for Help w/ My Niece Sienna

Ep 184: How To Discover Your Purpose w/ My Cohost and Niece Sienna

Sienna picked this month’s topic about being present and shared her mindfulness tips to achieve peace and eliminate anxiety and stress by being more present. Some of the tips are: exercise, meditation, being outside in nature, crafting.

She mentioned the Nike App as a great workout App to use for your health and wellness.

The book I mentioned is called A Mindful Morning by David Dillard Wright PhD. Ryan Van Fleet, Good Karma Sportfishing, and I read from this book every morning.

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