Ep 218: Marry Yourself First w/ Nicole Russo De Souza

“When you finally tap into the Infinity of love that lives within your own heart…”

I am so excited to have this week’s love and relationship conversation with my good friend, bestselling author and successful 7-figure entrepreneur, Nicole Russo De Souza.

What do you really want? Eight years ago, Nicole went on a very specific journey of self-love and healing by Marrying Herself First. Earlier this year, she released her bestselling book, Marry Yourself First— A Modern Woman’s True Story of Healing the Heart, based on this journey. Her book, which released in February 2022, is amazing! I hope you decide to read it! You can find it on Amazon.

Enjoy the episode and please connect with Nicole at:

Love Leaders Private FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/182676840274752

Nicole’s Boston area massage, myofascial release & energy studio is Skin to Soul.

Thank you for listening and sharing!


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