Ep 7: Are You A Queen Bee or a Wannabee?

Such a powerful topic for this week’s content and kicking off with this episode of You Have The Power Too! podcast.

The energy of how you are being, where you are spending your time, how you are showing up is crucial to achieve your goals. And a lot of that is how you let others treat you—whether it’s intentional or not; you have the power to be aware of this and make the shifts necessary!

This podcasts shares context and some authentic stories of shifts I made in the past few months.

The title was inspired by a book Queen Bee’s and Wannabee’s by Rosalind Wiseman and it’s available on Amazon. I have not read the book, but please check it out! My friend mentioned the book to me as I talk about it in the podcast.

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Thank you for listening and connecting!

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