Ep 11: The Power of Ahai 7D Energy

So excited to record this episode! And it’s Episode 11- Perfect magical angel number!

This You Have The Power Too! episode shares more about Ahai 7D energy, some testimonials and a personal story of mine from 2020. My healing journey.

Ep 9: What is Ahai 7D?

Here are the testimonials I shared:

Melinda is a beacon of light and radiant energy! She has an incredible and unique gift and honed skill which was apparent in my Ahai 7D experience. The session was transformative and Melinda’s guidance and messaging resonated with me deeply, leaving me inspired and in awe. Since my session, I’ve experienced positive shifts in my life and energy and will be going back for more. My sincere gratitude to Melinda. Thank you for making an impact on my life and selflessly helping others. Highly Recommend!

—Amanda Kingsbury

My Ahai 7D session with Melinda was incredible and surprising. I injured my left knee 24 years ago and it recently started bothering me so I wanted to give it a try. The next morning, I noticed a big improvement and 4 days later it felt as good as new! I would highly recommend working with Melinda with any healing ❤️‍🩹 you might need. I was very surprised at how quickly it worked. As an added benefit, Melinda also gave me some other interesting information that I had not asked her about. It was a wonderful experience in every way!
Thanks Melinda!

—Terry DeMonaco

Thank you to my clients, listeners, Christina Rice and The Divine.

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