Ep 25: Making Life Happen

Jam packed episode on manifestation, social media, energy healing, being an intuitive, and more:

Social Media Platform Algorithm Tip – you’re welcome!

Scoop on a powerful enhanced crystal – Enagi – click for my affiliate link. Discount code Melinda10


Magical manifestation story- having fun and yellow tail snapper with my husband Ryan Van Fleet of https://www.goodkarmasportfishing.com

Business Mentor/Consulting Client Testimonial from Jordan Bobrick from Higher Ground Music and Video in Key Largo, FL.

Working with Melinda as a business owner has provided me the greatest opportunity to look beyond the technical aspects of my work and look at the industry as a whole and examine different trends I should be following and why. This has allowed me to balance the focus of my own daily operations with being a member of the local artists community and network with artists and technical aspects who work across different aspects of the same field. Without her guidance I would still be completely hyper focused on my work and miss out on many great opportunities for future engagement.

—Jordan Bobrick

Check out his studio and the article I wrote for The Upper Keys Weekly:


Other stuff:


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