Ep 29: Stopping the Limiting Narratives P1

What narratives do you commonly hear on social media or in your conversations with others that you know either intuitively or through your experience are not accurate or the best advice? You can tune in and feel energetically what feels aligned and what does not. Making a decision from that vantage point instead of trying to make others happy or doubting yourself is very crucial to your success and manifestation.

So, I started a list and decided to make it in a mini podcast series. This You Have The Power Too! podcast episode tackles the first three. We all have the power to make better judgments and decisions and not be caught up in the “shoulds” that hold us back, limit us/make us feel small or uncomfortable.

Start to build your confidence and conviction around this concept and make changes now! Give yourself some time to think of yours today too!

Thank you for listening and sharing!!