Ep 30: Selfishness, Trauma, And Accountability- Narratives P2

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of narratives, opinions, and social media content flooding our lives? It’s easy to feel like you’re being pulled in different directions when trying to make sense of it all. This podcast is part 2 of a mini-series on Stopping The Limiting Narratives. In Part 1 Ep 29, I talk about not having to like everyone, ‘retiring your husband,” and the “W” word.

In this powerful podcast episode, I talk about putting yourself first, trauma and over-healing, and accountability. You can then make your own decisions and form your own opinion and go from there. Having the confidence to share your point of view and then the mindset to welcome other people’s opinions and point of views is what makes the world an amazing place!

In addition, taking time to reconnect with your own spirituality and mindset can really help center yourself during confusing times. It can be beneficial to take a step back and identify limiting beliefs that you may have picked up from these sources.

By acknowledging their presence, you can start to create an inner dialogue that helps move beyond them and open yourself up to other possibilities. With this kind of reflection, you can create a more balanced perspective and see the bigger picture.

This can help you understand the power of your own thoughts and feelings, giving you a sense of control and empowerment. Knowing that you are in charge of your own destiny is an incredibly freeing experience.

So, take a breath – you’ve got this!

Thank you for listening and sharing!