7 Days of Confidence Tips

As an entrepreneur, mindset business coach, and someone who’s generally interested in success, I’m always studying confidence. Because really, what is confidence but a state of mind? It’s believing in yourself and your abilities, and it’s the foundation upon which all success is built. But confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact, I’d venture to say that most people have at least some degree of self-doubt. And that’s OK! The important thing is to recognize your self-doubt and take steps to overcome it.

Here are 7 steps which can help you build your self-esteem and develop a high level of confidence.

Read one a day for the next 7 days and see what resonates with you to help you build your confidence!

Day 1

Setting boundaries for what you and do not want will help build your confidence in working with people and help you feel your best AND it will also help The Universe know what to send you!

Story share- My husband Ryan and I have so much evidence of this to be true. Years ago, when my husband would have a tough client on his charter- we would not take them again.

It is amazing to us how people never realized how difficult they were on the charter and call us back. On the flip side, for the good clients – we always say, “thank you/more please!”

Rather quickly, this shifts what you receive. We had an instance yesterday with a former client (that Ryan had blocked) buy a new course we released. The former client definitely has a challenging personality.

So, we were brought down memory lane a bit and I was proud of Ryan for calling this former client and ending the drama he was causing. Making the call built his self-esteem and contributed a to a growth mindset.

Day 2

Today Ryan and I spent some time together out of the house- yay! Amazing lunch on the water down in Marathon, which is about an hour south of where we live. A lunch date doesn’t happen as much as we would like, but we had cause to celebrate.

We talked a lot about triggers. What I see out there is people hiding from triggers- burying them. But triggers are supposed to help you grow and evolve to the next level. You face them as you can.

Help you build your confidence!!!

If you are focused, like we are, on being extraordinary humans and really doing something in this lifetime….

This mindset reframe can really help if you are struggling as they pop up.

Reflection Awareness- when triggers pop up, see if you can shift. Journaling may help if you are a someone who journals.

For me, I am more about affirmations such as: “This will help me grow and be the best I can be.”

Day 3

I used to have a lot of wobble about my business and other things too. I would get in my head a lot, doubt myself, listen to others vs my intuition, and not trust…

Being able to ask questions for clarity and guidance was super helpful as I was developing my skills and trust to become more self-assured.

I wrote a lot of stories about mediums, tarot cards, and readers in my book Life & Love Lessons- How to Discover Confidence Through Your Spiritual Journey. Debbra Lupien, The Voice of the Akashic Records, was mentioned in my book, as I love her Soul Introduction Reading.

Debbra Lupien has a free Monthly Ask the Guides call and her website is http://akashaunleashed.com/

So, if you are someone who could use a little help and have a specific question for your guides that Debbra can help you with- I highly recommend joining in on her monthly call and getting on her mailing list.

It can help you build your confidence too!

Day 4

Where are you not speaking up in your life or business?

This has been a huge challenge for me- using my voice.

So, on the last few Crush It In Sales podcasts, I have shared more insight on paradigms I see out there in the land of social media. It may trigger some people, but it’s important to share your learnings and speak up.

Confidence, isn’t about making people like you, it’s about helping the ones you can because you see the pattern and then help them build the confidence to break it and move forward.

Day 5

This week is a busy week for networking.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I have either a lunch or breakfast networking meeting.

A couple things I find interesting…

  1. People assume it’s easy for me to network.
  2. A vast amount of people don’t like networking events. However, they wish to meet people and build their business.

Well…newsflash! I don’t find networking super easy. I still get nervous and feel like I am waiting to get picked for a team like in grade school. Or hoping I have someone to sit with on the bus….

And I doubt I am alone.

But, as with anything it can be easier, as you build your confidence one step at a time. Especially with social media being so noisy, crowded and people’s lack of attention span…

Getting out of your house and comfort zone can help. Have a growth mindset and develop those skills so you build relationships for the future.

Day 6

I recently had an idea come to me to make tuna poke and wahoo smoked fish dip as Ryan has been catching a lot of tuna and wahoo.

I challenged myself and created both recipes by tweaking what I saw online…and I crushed it!

Success! What a simple confidence builder!

Do you have a simple confidence builder too?

Day 7

And the final day (at least for now…)

Having the confidence to keep going even when it’s crickets!

What are you feeling like giving up on, but you feel in your heart you are meant to keep going?

Don’t give up!

(Photo- from Pexels)