7 Days of Mindset Tips

Beyond Basic Ways to Bust Fear and Limiting Beliefs

Are you feeling stuck in life? Are you struggling to make progress on your goals, or to find fulfillment in your day-to-day routine? If so, you’re not alone.

Changing your mindset and busting through limiting beliefs is one of the best ways to improve your life, and in this blog post I’m going to share seven mindset shifting tips for doing just that. Implementing these mindset tips will help you become more positive, motivated, and effective in achieving your goals.

So, let’s get started!

Day 1

Busting a “fear first” mindset.

I was working with a client earlier this year, and I noticed a limiting belief pattern. She was always afraid of trying something new, and then once she did it for the first time- she was totally fine. She had some fear-based beliefs.

Then, I started to notice this same fear-based pattern with my niece Sienna. Since I have known her before birth, I understand why. Regarding my client, we had to dig to uncover why. We learned it was similar in that it was based on something from childhood.

As you can likely guess, both mindset challenges related back to conditioning. Conditioning that being “afraid” leads to someone saying “you will be okay” brings comfort, keeps a subconscious mindset about fear, and perpetuates fear.

How have we worked on this?

#1- The unveiling of where it stems from, i.e., initial awareness around the fear.

#2- Awareness of when the limiting belief pops up again

#3- Remembering positive evidence that you did “a thing” before and you survived, likely thrived, and you can do it again and again and again!

This is a massive mindset shift for many people, but it starts with awareness and then believing in yourself and taking action.

Day 2

Here is a mindset shift-

Do things for yourself- that make you happy before aiming to serve others.

Not everyone follows this…it’s as simple as the airplane mask conversation, right? But somehow, we end up taking care of others before ourselves, which can lead to overwhelm, resentment, burnout, etc.

And this includes the infamous topic—people pleasing.

I share some more thoughts about people pleasing and other related topics on the Crush It In Sales Podcast- Ep 157 People.

But a big nugget and mindset shift that I mention is about how The Universe works…and quite frankly…I would rather be in alignment with The Universe first. Agree?

You first, others after. You are not selfish. I promise you!

Day 3

I pulled up my email this afternoon and saw the headline from Cosmopolitan Online about King Charles, it read,

“King Charles has hired a full-time piper to wake him up early morning.”

What are your initial thoughts when you read that headline?

My thoughts were an abundance of:

  • Amazing!
  • F-ing love it!
  • Way to dream big!
  • You go King Charles!

Mind you…I am from the South Side of Chicago, not from London, so I could give a hoot about any royal family scoop or drama. And I am not into US politics either.

The Universe is all about focusing on yourself and your emotional state. We tend to forget that, agree?

So, let’s make a pact to not forgot and maybe add something big and wild to your dream list too?

Day 4

Money vs. Health?

Last month I went to coffee in Miami with someone from the chamber to learn more about the benefits of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce to network.

The coffee we had was delicious!! It’s called Illy. I had never tried that brand of coffee.

A few days later, I walked by the brand at Fresh Market; I was super excited and bought a few cans. When we made it the following day it was so delicious. Ryan and I sat in amazement, savoring every sip!

Two days after that, Ryan said, “My lingering cough is gone, and I feel great!” He had had this annoying cough since July. He added, “I think it’s the coffee!”

We had been drinking the Amazon brand. I remember years ago learning that coffee isn’t regulated in the US and often has mold and other nasty things.

Here we are, living it up, loving our new coffee, and feeling better.

So, I told the person I had initially had coffee with the story and said, “Thank you for taking me to that coffee shop.”

He surprised me with his responses, as he sells healthcare products, “It is more expensive.”

It was a money mindset comment.

Do you make comments like this out loud or in your head? These limiting beliefs won’t bring you more money. Having fun, being grateful, and being appreciative will! And considering the outcome was health-related made his response even more surprising.

I know, a few bucks for better coffee that brings us good vibes, will bring more abundance.

And better health!

Day 5

Can you relate?

I have always been big on showing up! Taking a chance and putting myself out there. Not the easiest thing, and often mindset work around that.

One of those aspects is realizing it’s never a waste of your time.

Often, I hear others say, “What a waste of time (or even money); I didn’t sell anything.”

It’s incredible how often I hear comments like this.

In November 2021, I paid for a booth at the Miami Book Fair. I only sold one book that day before the fair was rained out. The sale was to a good friend, and I was grateful!!!!

My grateful mindset led me to an excellent consulting gig with a children’s book line later that day.

That consulting gig was worth way more than the $$ amount of books I could have sold in someone’s opinion of a “good day!”

Day 6

What are your thoughts on the “R” word? Ryan and I recently discussed this topic.

(Not sure what the “R” word is? Hint- it’s currently in the news a lot. Recession)

Are you going to work on elevating your mindset and your business?


Squirrel away money?

Journal your thoughts.

Day 7

Final day for this series is about sales and self-promotion! I shared about this on Crush It In Sales Podcast Episode 158— Sales and Self-Promotion.

Take time to do a deep dive around your mindset regarding sales and self-promotion.

What is your mindset?

Are you bugging people when you sell? Or is it something else like I mention in my podcast?


-Why do you feel this way?

-Where does this conditioning stem from?

-Is it “real?”

-What can you do to reframe and move forward?

While it’s impossible to become positive all the time, by changing your mindset and implementing these seven tips, you can become more positive overall. This will in turn lead to improved motivation and progress on your goals.

If you’re struggling to make changes in your life, don’t hesitate to reach out for help from a therapist or counselor who can assist you in making lasting changes. In the meantime, start by journaling about your thoughts and feelings, and creating conscious awareness around when you’re thinking negative thoughts.

With practice, you’ll be able to catch yourself before falling into a negative thought spiral, and eventually replace those thoughts with ones that are more productive and helpful.

Hope these 7 Days of Mindset Tips helps shift you to live your best life!