Journal Your Way to Peace and Manifestation

7 Days of Journal Prompts

These Prompts Can Help You Manifest Faster

Do you journal?

There are many ways you can journal. The trick is to not over think journaling.

I have journaled for years, but it takes many different forms.

Somedays, it’s prompts like these, somedays it’s my thoughts and ideas, and sometimes it’s a tip I heard somewhere else.

One thing though is I keep my journal handy; I am always grabbing a pen and my journal when I think of fun prompts that can move my business and life forward.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Day One:

Are you achieving the level of success you want?

What thought or beliefs are holding you back?

Day Two:

What am I avoiding doing or being that I can start to do today to create change?

Why am I avoiding it?

What do I need to do or say to shift that?

Day Three:

I am most happiest when…

My perfect day looks like…

What do I need to occur to have my most perfect day?

Day Four:

What am I allowing into my life that I need to relook at?

Why am I allowing that?

What action do I need to take?

Day Five:

Full Moon Releasing

Journal a list of:

I am letting go of…

Day Six:

A journaling day of riffs:

I wonder if…

What if…

An example:

What is I made a million dollars this year? What would it take to get there?

What would my life look like?

Day Seven:

Ask The Universe:

What should I be working on today that would help me move forward?

What am I overlooking that would be for my highest good?


These 7 days of journal prompts, will help you start the dreaming, the healing, the self-actualization, the manifestation…

Most important—have fun and get in the vibes! Then take action towards your goals, surrender over thinking and watch the magic to happen!

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