Letting Go of Time Can Help Grow Your Business

3 Tips to Help You Make More Money

When it comes to being a successful sales professional, time management is key and we all measure our success based the goals we set and the sales numbers we have achieved within a point in time.

However, as important as efficient time management may be, learning how to “let go” of time is often just as vital. Learning when you need to stop stressing over deadlines and simply focus on doing the best job you possibly can with whatever amount of resources you have. can help enhance your piece of mind and ensure that each task you do has a quality result behind it.

You may think I am crazy, but let me share an example with you. And if it’s something that resonates that you can apply, you will be amazed at the long-term results that compound.

Years ago as an independent sales rep in South Florida, I quickly learned about Florida season- tourist and snowbird season. “Season” is the time of year when the stores are the busiest. It’s typically November thru the end of April. And some may say season is primarily Feb through March until Easter—which is an even a tighter window. In the summer, there are tourists but they spend more money on excursions like fishing trips. Other states and tourist destinations have a season as well.

So, when I started my sales business, a lot stores would say, “I like what you have but come back next July, that’s when I place my orders for the season.”

The first year, I was extremely frustrated and worried because I was commission only- how was I going to make a living doing this when I couldn’t sell all year round?

I had hefty goals, and I was very driven to make a lot of money.

But as time went on, I realized that time passed quickly, so I stopped worrying about the time; instead, I took their business card, took a note and went back to see them in the month they had mentioned.

After about solid two-three years, I had built a business that was thriving, and the customers were so glad I paid attention to their request.

I let go of the pressure of time, and trusted it would all work out. And it did work out, more than I had even imagined.

So here to recap here are my three simple but not always easy tips:

  1. Keep a positive mindset—when they would tell me to come back I said “thank you” vs. being frustrated.
  2. Keep good notes—use a CRM or another tool- keep track and don’t forget!
  3. Keep going! Focus on long-term sales growth and solid relationships.

It’s not rocket science but sometimes a good story or reminder will give you the little “you are not alone” kick we sometimes need.

And here’s a bonus tip to kick off 2023- Take a little time to circle back through any accounts that could use some follow-up or a reminder of the product or service you sell.

It could be their time to start working with you!

Photo via Pexels.

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