The Energetics of Sales and Customer Service

Do you agree that customer service and sales go hand in hand?

Especially nowadays when a lot of salespeople have to step up and help with various tasks such as submitting orders, sending invoices, and checking on tracking.

Granted it’s industry-specific, but I do find my coaching and consulting clients that are sales professionals do a large amount of customer service work, aka grunt work that perhaps used to be delegated to an administrative team.

Again, for many, times have changed.

As we walk this path with additional workloads that can often be frustrating, it’s crucial to think about the energy we give off in the process. It goes beyond a pleasant smile and saying you’ll follow up.

People can feel the energy behind the words you say and your expression.

Case in point, my husband Ryan and I own a charter fishing and coaching business in The Florida Keys. My husband had been sending his fishing reels to a SE Florida store for over two years. Unfortunately, we had to move in a hurry and the store sent two expensive reels without our knowledge to our old house, and someone on our former street stole them.

From there, it became a frustrating series of chasing and following-up with the owner. And after a month, my husband and I looked at each other and said, “He doesn’t want to help us.” We could feel his forced politeness and that we consistently had to follow up with UPS and him. It was the store’s fault. To make it worse, my husband was a loyal customer and had been promoting the store on his podcast for two years.

The owner’s energy was palpable in that he washed his hands of it and didn’t want to be bothered. After three months, it still wasn’t solved, and a conversation sealed the deal in that he didn’t feel he should take ownership. So, guess what? Long time customer is gone. Poof.

In hindsight, we looked back at this and understood the importance of customer service and caring about each transaction. There are plenty of tackle shops in Florida, and his energy was unmistakable of dismissal.

They say things happen for a reason and I believe that this reason was to make sure we are rock solid on our energy around customer service and this example can be shared to help others too.

Don’t assume that just because you smiled politely or got back to someone, they can’t feel the energy that you truly cared about them, their business, and your desire to help them.

Take a second and be present to how you are feeling before you move forward in the situation; shift if you need to. It will not only save a customer but help you grow as they will remember and recommend you and your business.

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Photo from Pexels- Jopwell