When Pigs Fly

Do you ever say “When Pigs Fly?” What Does it Mean?

I took this picture of a hot pink flying pig statue months ago.

This garden statue (photo) is in the yard of my aerial yoga instructor’s house, Glenda. I took the picture because I love hot pink and it reminded me of when I was a sales rep, and I had a home and garden line called the Napa. It was a very successful and popular line. I sold a lot of flying pig statues, along with white flower pots and white orchids.

What used to strike me as so interesting and somewhat odd is that the saying, “When Pigs Fly,” is not a positive saying.

The phrase “when pigs fly” is used to describe something that will never happen. It’s the equivalent of saying “fat chance” or “in your dreams.”

The earliest reference to this phrase is in a 1626 play by George Chapman called Monsieur D’Olive.

Here is what it says on Google when you type in When Pigs Fly.

“One thinks that something will never happen.”

Have you ever seen that saying and thought about the meaning?

Maybe it’s something you say or have said?

Maybe you have heard your parents say, “When pigs fly!” before?

It’s interesting that people buy this statue and put it in their yards because it’s actually a limiting belief.

Many of us still go around with limiting beliefs in our subconscious, and often, they pop out of our mouths.

I hear limiting beliefs so often that it’s very amazing to me.

It’s something that I know I’ve had to work on, which is why I think I’m more “in tune.” When I hear another person say a limiting belief, which could even be the word “try,” it dings a bell in my brain.

And quite often, I even hear it from fellow coaches. I’ll be having a conversation with a fellow coach, and I’ll be like, “No! You can do it!”

And then the other person says, “Oh my gosh, you’re right.”

It’s very fascinating.

And important.

It’s important to be building awareness around:

—What you are saying


—What’s going on in your brain

Sometimes, we don’t end up saying it out loud. However, it’s still going on in our brain.

So start to build some awareness as you go through your day.

Catch yourself!

“Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I just said that.”


“Wow, that was a limiting belief. What is causing that?”

And then start to do a deep dive to nip those limiting beliefs in the bud.

We all have limiting beliefs in some aspect at some point in time. But you can work on getting stronger, eliminating them faster, and then not having them at all.

We all have the power to retrain our brains and not go through this process. We all have this power and capability.

But often, we need a little help in thinking of some affirmations.

So, when we need them, they are handy. Work to commit some affirmations to memory and then use them as a tool.

And it’s not like you just read it and moved on with your day.

If you read them and move on, you’re not embodying that shift.

You have to embody the shift and feel that shift in your body.

That’s why we say them. It’s not just for decoration on a pillow or a home decor sign on your wall. Sorry…

It’s essential to use them to shift your mindset and feel better so positive things start to happen for you.

I feel a lot of people don’t do the work. Don’t be that person.

Yes, I am challenging you!

Use an affirmation for your benefit to shift how you feel and level up your mindset.

Here are five affirmations to get started:

  1. I am letting go of old habits to bring in opportunities.
  2. Every day, I embrace new ideas and opportunities.
  3. I can make it through the day. It will all work out.
  4. I choose to trust and know it will all work out.
  5. I let go of other people’s judgment and opinions.

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The next steps are to write these down either as is or tweak them for what works for you. What feels good for you and what you are trying to shift.

Then, get started committing them to memory, feeling the vibe, and shifting your subconscious.

That’s it!

It is simple but not always easy because we have to remember to do it and stop running on autopilot.

Develop a plan and get started today!

And please don’t say, “When pigs fly!”

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