Ep 31: Owning Your Power

New Moon in Gemini— Set your intentions for the balance of the year! Doing the work and making the moves is what will get you to next level success. However, many people sit in their fear, discomfort, pain and don’t take the action needed to regulate their emotional state and move forward. Don’t let that be you! This episode dives into and shares a lot.

Last weeks YouTube about Kundalini Energy and Ahai 7D Energy. This YouTube video will help explain both modalities and also compare them to help increase awareness.

IG and FB Stories IG is melinda_vanfleet and FB is melindavanfleet

Perfect to perfect your mindset and level up your energy.

I also share a personal story that just happened to me, distractions, owning my power, and how I worked through it. I reference Christina Rice (Christina the Channel Podcast), Gene Keys, and Human Design in this story. I am not perfect- I do the work.

And all the tools above can help you with distractions, overthinking, anxiety, sleep, depression, content consumption, mindset, limiting beliefs.