Ep 39: 144 Wealth Codes w/ Sarah Sparks

Welcome to this amazing conversation with Sarah Sparks! We had so much fun talking about her journey to release 144 Wealth Codes to Unlock The Abundance Within, which is a channeled text and is available now on Amazon.

144 mantras/affirmations along with an energetic activation to unlock your abundance.

These codes help shift your energy and are truly powerful!

Thank you for listening and sharing!

Her book is available now on Amazon. Click here.

 Sarah’s information and bio is below, so please connect.

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Sarah Sparks is an ordained minister, holding a bachelor’s in management: human resources from the University of Northern Iowa with a training: design and development certificate, and a Master of Public Administration degree from Drake University, Sarah Sparks is the perfect blend of professional and spiritual. This is key to know, as Sarah shows the professional female business owner, who is the wife, mother, and everything to everyone, how to be both spiritual and successful. Sarah walks side by side with her clients, guiding, uplifting, believing in, and supporting them as they confidently be their soul in every aspect of their life. Oh, and when they do this, the sweet alignment of receiving with ease happens!

Sarah’s an international best-selling author, podcast host of a top 10% nationally ranked podcast, Floating On A Cloud Podcast, and has recently launched her 2nd book 144 Wealth Codes to Unlock the Abundance Within. She worked in local government for 6 years before becoming a business owner. Now, her soul-led business successfully supports her family of four and serves clients in India, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.