Ep 40: WARNING! w/ Ryan Van Fleet

We are over filtering what we say….

So, this is a bit unhinged- ear muffs if you are sensitive.

We started out by talking about Johnny Football (Johnny Manziel) on Netflix and that conversation leads into how people are behaving…

It’s not about being right or wrong but getting it all out in the open. Sure there are consequences to how people behave, and speaking your truth does come with risks, but the only way we can create true change is if we have authentic conversations.

What would be different if you allowed yourself to just speak what was really going through your head without worrying about what people think?

Would you say the same things if you weren’t afraid of being judged or criticized for your opinion?

Maybe it’s time that we filtered less and spoke our truth more. Not in a way that is disrespectful or hurtful, but with an energy of certainty- knowing that what you have to say matters and is worth being heard.

At the end of the day, when you show up with your full authenticity, that’s when real change happens.

Hold unto your big girl (or guy) panties. We are having the courage to show up and say what a lot of people are thinking—whether you agree or not is your choice.

Thank for listening and sharing!

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