Ep 46: The Tower Card, Building Your Intuition and More w/ Ryan Van Fleet

Have you ever had the Tower card in Tarot? Most people get freaked out by it, But after all Ryan and I have been through in our 17 years together, it’s normal. We have normalized in our nervous system and know what comes next will not only be bigger, but the best thing for the higher good and ourselves. It has taken work to get there, but that is also how we help others.

This new monthly joint podcast with my husband Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing and Coaching, shares our latest Tower Card and also how it is going to play out in the near future with working more with Chris’s Bait & Tackle at Tavernier Creek Marina and more focus on his coaching group Good Karma 2 which is two live Zoom calls a month including teaching and Q & A. It is for recreational anglers and you can reach out to Ryan directly if you are interested.

We also talk about how important increasing your awareness and intuition is for various things in your life—including fishing.

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And the link for the YouTube video Ryan mention with Chad is: