Ep 50: Seeing Your Beauty, Evolution, Astrology and More w/ Image Consultant Astrid Zayas

“We are always sending messages- conscious or subconscious.”— Astrid Zayas

I don’t think I can recap all the powerful, insightful, inspirational messages we covered in this episode of The Success Codes Podcast.

And if you aren’t inspired to step into your true self after listening, you need your ears cleaned. 

This conversation is about the journey of believing in yourself, trusting, self-awareness and knowing what happens inside manifests outside. We also talk about Astrology, dressing on autopilot, plastic surgery, plateau vs. learning, and even Toastmasters.

Astrid believes in “Not leaving anything on the table (in this lifetime).”

So buckle up butter cup and enjoy this podcast!

More about Astrid Zayas:


Born in Puerto Rico, Astrid got a BA in Marketing, and an MBA in Business Administration graduating with honors.  A former international model, she was immersed in the world of fashion at the age of 14 years old.

Estilo Imago was born in 2016 when Astrid got Certified as an Image Strategist in New York.  Through her personal Psychoanalysis journey, she has been able to understand the deeper and subtle meanings behind dressing. 

As a Personal Image Strategist, Astrid uses clothing, colors, and styles as an empowering tool to create confidence and inspire self expression. 

Every item in your closet is the consequence of a deeper, unconscious choice. 

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More about Melinda:

Melinda Van Fleet helps busy leaders and business people achieve next level results (i.e. make more money, feel good) faster while spending less time, frustration, and money on other services/courses/programs that don’t produce the results you desire.

She is an Intuitive Energy Business & Leadership Mentor, certified life & business coach, certified Ahai 7D Energy Practitioner, Human Design Coach, and bestselling author, host of The Success Codes Podcast and business owner with her husband Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing & Coaching.

An ordinary life & business coach helps you manage time…Melinda helps you collapse time.

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