Ep 58: Unlocking Codes to New Earth Solutions w/Prosperity Coach Anna Kowalska

“Every choice before you represents The Universe inviting you to remember who you are and what you are here for.” This weeks special guest— Anna Kowalska.

This powerful and transformational episode of The Success Codes Podcast not only shares about the upcoming 17th season of The Sacred Success Salon, which I am proud to be part of, but also other life and business aspects that can help you move forward towards success.

Anna Kowalska is a Purpose and Prosperity Leadership Coach & Mentor who empowers women to embark on a soulful journey to serve their purpose. She is the founder of The Sacred Success Salon.

The 17th Edition is December 11-16th, 2023 and has three incredible speakers a day.

Use the link below to sign up.

Connect with Anna also on IG https://www.instagram.com/annathemanifestingartist/

or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/annathemanifestingartist

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She is an Intuitive Energy Business & Leadership Mentor, certified life & business coach, certified Ahai 7D Energy Practitioner, Human Design Coach, and bestselling author, host of The Success Codes Podcast and business owner with her husband Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing & Coaching.

An ordinary life & business coach helps you manage time…Melinda helps you collapse time.

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