Chapter 14- My Final Thought (at least for this book…)

Chapter 14 from Confidence Mastery for Couples—Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship.

All I Want for Christmas is…

I am walking our three Shih Tzus down the street. Yep, how did you guess? I am trying to get them to poop. Why not open AND close the book with a dog pooping story? I bet that has never been done before.


As I was walking them and managing the dog poop situation, which is a special skill, I had an epiphany……

I don’t need any material gifts or gift cards for Christmas.

Instead, my wish list is this:

My husband, Ryan:

  • Stay on the positive railroad tracks.
  • Don’t let past failures creep up on him. Stop it at the door.
  • Shake off other people’s poor behavior.


  • Continue to make sure my energy is always clean.
  • Not worry about what others think and forge my own path.
  • Continue to watch my tone and reactions.

As a couple:

  • Continue to look at everything as an opportunity that is meant for us and is good. One door, even if it gets shut, leads to another door.
  • Continue to trust and build our intuition.
  • Continue to dream big, manifest, and recognize The Law of Attraction.
  • Continue to be grateful to everything and for everyone.

And here is why I made those Christmas wish lists….

Because shifting your mindset and belief system to the above builds the confidence for the limitless abundance you were meant to have. If you follow that truth, you can be as abundant and generous as you desire!  So, start with something free but not easy for everyone. And make it communication.

Take the time to have open, honest, nonjudgmental conversations with your partner on a regular basis. The more you can do this, the easier it will be to open up to each other more frequently.

I learned a lot writing this book and then asking Ryan to read it. I thought “I knew it all”….I did not. There were extra stories and thought processes that came out of him reading the first draft, which I layered in. I was amazed at his confidence in allowing me to layer them in. Things I didn’t realize, i.e., his reason for quitting drinking and his frustration which led to the “laundry bin incident.” BTW- he has gotten much better as tossing his clothes in the bin. I had to pinch myself…

When I first picked the subtitle, Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship, I was hopeful that people wouldn’t assume it was a sex book.

Maybe someday, but, “not today.” (Arya- Game of Thrones)

Real intimacy is when you and your partner can share anything without judgment or arguments but with love, compassion, an open mind, and an open heart. Actually listen and understand.

The majority of people can go on vacation and have a fun time, but when they come back to reality, do they know what their partner’s hopes and dreams are for the future? Do they know theirs? Do you support each other? Have confidence in each other? Or do you stifle each other? Do you openly talk about things which are good as well as painful? Experiences from the past that have left you scarred and limited your belief system and subconscious mind? How do you support each other with those challenges and revelations? These are pertinent questions to think about regarding your relationship.

Intimacy is a deeper level of communication and it’s a journey. Step by step, layer by layer.

That’s where the work comes in, but it is possible. We know you can do it!