Ep 66: Pivoting Your Business, Sales, Mentorship and more w/ Online Business Mentor Cassie Howard

Hold on as this is a fast-paced, jam-packed Success Codes Podcast Episode with my online business sales coach/mentor since August 2022, Cassie Howard. 

We start off talking about pivoting your business and venture into everything else from the marketing narrative “know, like, and trust,”online trends she is seeing to having a small audience.

If you didn’t pick up on a few nuggets, get your ears cleaned- just saying!

Thank you for listening and sharing!

Here is her bio:

Cassie Howard is an online business mentor for women. She is most known for her savvy sales skills and her ability to make business simple, fun, AND sustainable. 

Her approach to business and money is one that has attracted the attention of women all around the world, in their own attempt to build the mind-blowing business of their dreams.

What she teaches in her programs, masterclasses, and individual trainings is something that she embodies in her own company every day, a company that has generated over 8-figures cash in just a few short years. 

She enjoys breaking the rules and doing what others tell her she can’t. Her unique way of doing business has changed the game in the coaching and mentoring space. Many of her clients have surpassed milestones and created shocking success at rapid speed.

Cassie is a huge proponent of success on *your* terms. She believes that you really can be, do and have anything you want, and you can experience it in your very own way.

She teaches work ethic, staying power, big bold moves, and long game focus, alongside her many teachings on money, sales, and social media. 

She is someone that wants every woman to win, and is passionate in supporting her clients on their journey to limitless success. 

Connect with Cassie Howard on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/cassiehowardbiz/

and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cassiehoward123

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