Ep 68: Truth About Belief Systems, Human Design, and Other Personal Development Assessments

I may ruffle a few feathers with this podcast, but I am okay with that as this is my belief system and what I have found through experience to be true.

In this episode of The Success Codes Podcast, I share my thoughts and experience with Human Design and other personal development assessment tools such as DISC. There are also tools that relay on the client to answer questions such as Myers Briggs, HBDI, BANK, and Enneagram, to name a few.

Human Design is a self-discovery system that combines ancient wisdom with modern science (Astrology, I’Ching, Kabbalah, Quantum Mechanics, Chakras) to help individuals understand themselves better. It offers a unique perspective on personality, relationships, and life purpose, providing insights into the strengths and challenges of each individual.

Coaches and mentors (like myself) often use assessments as powerful tools for helping their clients in their personal development journey. As a spiritually led coach/mentor, I use Human Design to better understand my client and also help them understand themselves and others. Human Design is also a great relationship tool as understanding how we are all different but perfect, creates a sense of understanding, compassion, and peace.

Links for things mentioned in the podcast:

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Thank you for listening and sharing!

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