Ep 69: Tweens and The Skin Care Craze, Belief Systems, and More w/ Image Consultant Astrid Zayas

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This incredibly deep and introspective Success Codes Podcast dives into the hot topic of Teens, Tweens, and the skin care trend, aka craze, that is going on right now. Online beauty retailers, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and other skin care companies are the hot trend right now. We have an in-depth conversation about how trends like this affect our belief system as we get older.

Welcome back returning guest Astrid Zayas! Astrid is a Self-Expression Guide who helps women express themselves through art and the exploration on their self-image.

Teens and the Skin Care Trend

I was inspired to ask Astrid back on the podcast after she posted an article on Today.com about Tweens and the Skin Care Craze. 

Tweens are Going Wild in Sephora and Parents are Getting Blamed.

When I happened to see Astrid post the above article on LinkedIn, it really resonated with me. Why? I had just seen all the kids in a Sephora in Merrick Park Mall, Coral Gables, Florida (part of Miami, Florida) hanging out after school. I was stunned at how many kids were just hanging out in Sephora.

In addition, I also recently visited with a good friend of mine, here in The Florida Keys, and her 10-year-old daughter is into the craze as well and has a nice collection of skin care products from a line called Bubble. 

How Things Can Affect Our Belief Systems

Tweens (teens, kids, young adults) and skin care is a hot topic on many levels. In this podcast, we are discussing how trends, money, our parents behaviors, what people say to us, etc. can end up manifesting in different ways in our lives and we end up needing to work on rewiring ourselves later in life.

These things can deeply affect our belief systems both positively and negatively and having this conversation is crucial for emotional health, mental health, physical health, and financial health awareness.

What we both share are different experiences, but both very powerful perspectives and life lessons.

Astrid Zayas was previously on The Success Codes Podcast Ep 50- please use the link below to watch/listen to that episode and learn more about Astrid. 

Seeing Your Beauty, Evolution, Astrology and More w/ Astrid Zayas

So, thank you for listening and sharing! Please connect with either of us for further discussion and guest appearances.

Information about Astrid Zayas:

Astrid Zayas, was born in Puerto Rico, Astrid got a BA in Marketing, and an MBA in Business Administration graduating with honors.  A former international model, she was immersed in the world of fashion at the age of 14 years old.

​Estilo Imago was born in 2016 when she got Certified as an Image Strategist in New York.  Through her personal Psychoanalysis journey, she has been able to understand the deeper and subtle meanings behind dressing. 

 As a Personal Image Strategist, Astrid uses clothing, colors, and styles as an empowering tool to create confidence and inspire self expression. 

 Every item in your closet is the consequence of a deeper, unconscious choice. 



(3) Astrid Zayas MBA | LinkedIn


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