Ep 71: Hidden Risks With Tween Skin Care Trends w/ Licensed Esthetician Samantha Dench

Tweens and The Skincare Trend

Navigating the waters of parenthood comes with a myriad of challenges, now a-days, skin care is one of them. And I don’t mean washing your face.

Social media and influencers, have created a craze, aka trend, for skin care that extends beyond the basic of washing, moisturizing and even sunscreen. Tweens and teens are obsessed with serums, face masks, and other more “next level” treatments that are not only expensive but cause damage.

Last week, I started the conversation about Tween Skin Care with Self Expression Guide, Astrid Zayas, and we had a powerful conversation about not blaming and also how trends and parental behaviors affect our belief systems and how we have to unwire that as we grow older.

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What a Licensed Esthetician has to Say About the Tween Skincare Trend

This weeks Success Codes Podcast welcomes back licensed esthetician Samantha Dench who also owns a salon in Oakbrook, IL. — Skin Deep Esthetics. Samantha was on my previous podcasts, The Good Karma Success Coach and also Crush It In Sales. I will provide the links below so you can hear more of her story.

Samantha has a young daughter and through noticing this behavior, she created a skin care line for Tweens called Zozo which consists of a face wash and moisturizer. What they actually need without causing future damage.

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More About Samantha Dench:

Samantha Dench, a licensed esthetician since 2003, established Skin Deep Esthetics in 2010. Beyond surface beauty, Samantha is dedicated to enhancing internal health to achieve radiant skin by addressing underlying issues.

Recognizing that our skin reflects internal well-being, Samantha is passionate about helping clients take control of their skin.. Her commitment extends to educating and empowering women to understand their skin, streamline their routines, and embrace the reflection in the mirror.

Zozo Skincare for Tweens

As the founder of Zozo Skin, a skincare line for tweens, Samantha was inspired to create safe alternatives after discovering her daughter and friends using harmful products. As a mom and esthetician, Samantha took action to guide the younger generation in making informed skincare choices amid social media influences.

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