Ep 79: Celebrating 53! Sharing Three Top Wins So You Can Succeed Faster

Did you listen to last week’s The Success Codes Podcast Ep 78- some very powerful shares and codes to help you on your journey? I can’t believe I shared all that.

This week’s episode shares the recent wins in alignment with the same overall intention—to help you succeed faster! Looking at these three things for yourself and how they show up will help you uncover any blocks or beliefs that are keeping your stuck or small.

The three main wins I share are all interconnected and important to realize as such.

  1. I “move” and don’t feel bad
  2. Own my voice
  3. Have a big picture vision

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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Melinda Van Fleet is an Intuitive Energetic Business and Leadership Mentor/Coach/Consultant who helps her clients with what they can’t see, so they can experience results fast.

Melinda and her husband, Capt. Ryan (Good Karma Sportfishing & Coaching), moved to The FL Keys in 2009 after they were both laid off at the same time.

Melinda, on her 3.5 life, and turning 53 on April 7th, she has an unparalleled story of dreaming big, manifestation, and a lot of hard work.

In addition to her coaching business, and being The Wizard Behind the Curtain for Good Karma Sportfishing & Coaching, she is an Ahai 7D Energy practitioner, Human Design coach, professional speaker, host of The Success Codes Podcast, freelance writer, 2x best-selling author.