Ep 80: Finding Your Happiness in Entrepreneurship w/ Samantha Murphy Owner of 305 Hive Media Miami

There is a resounding theme throughout this episode of The Success Codes Podcast with returning guest Samantha Murphy, owner of 305 Hive Media in Miami, Florida, and that is…

“I just want them to be happy.”

Join us in this impactful conversation about:

  • Planning successful live in-person events
  • Growth plans
  • Having an advisory board

and more!

And listen to Episode 52 to learn even more about Samantha Murphy and 305 Hive Media.

More about Samantha Murphy:

Samantha Murphy is the dynamic owner and Queen Bee behind 305 Hive Media, Miami’s go-to source for local buzz. As the driving force behind 305 Hive Media, Samantha has fostered a sense of community through their free weekly newsletter, which brings Miami residents together. This interactive newsletter is a treasure trove of posts, personal recommendations, event promotions, captivating stories, and much more.

Inside the newsletter, you’ll discover unique features like the Weekly Buzz, History with the Hive, Keep the 305 Clean and Green, Book Buzz Experiences, and a wealth of other engaging content, such as event and restaurant reviews. 305 Hive Media stands as your trusted community bulletin, a valuable resource for local businesses and schools alike. Additionally, it has earned a reputation as the go-to source in town for domestic helper recommendations. With Samantha at the helm, 305 Hive Media continues to be the heartbeat of Miami’s vibrant community, connecting neighbors and fostering a sense of togetherness.

Connect on IG @305hive 

305 Hive is:

“Your Source for all the Local Buzz in Miami!

We are an exclusive newsletter curated for Miami’s discerning

Each issue features a collection of posts, personal recommendations, event promos, stories, and more. We are your trusted community bulletin, and a valuable resource for Miami area local businesses. We are also the best source in town for domestic helpers!

Bee a local in the know, subscribe to our free Newsletter!”

Thank you for listening and sharing!


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